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Natural Stone Type
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Natural Stone Slabs

When adding luxury and elegance to a project, Natural Stone is one of the most sought-after building materials.  Whether it is a Feature wall, Vanity, Island Bench or Kitchen bench and Splashback the addition of stone will transform the area.

The History of Natural Stone

Natural Stone is quarried around the world and many countries have used the local stones for centuries when building homes and commercial spaces just because it was cheap and available.  As times change and techniques for cutting and processing stone improved it became possible to take the amazing colours and patterns of stone and move them even further from the local areas.  The history of transporting stone goes back to ancient times when the Egyptians moved massive stone blocks to create the Pyramids or the Italians built edifices such as the Colosseum by transporting stone along the rivers from Tivoli. Today we can transport Natural Stone around the world and a complete industry has grown up around this.

Selecting Stone Slabs

We understand the nature of Stone and the issues caused by poor selection or advice. This is the reason why architects, designers, builders and individuals value their partnership with RMS.  RMS Marble based in Sydney can consult on the selection of suitable material, as well as products for installation and treatment to ensure the longevity and beauty of the finished project.

Importing & Wholesaling Stone for over 30 Years

When installing marble or natural stone in Australia our trades people demand the cutting and finishing of stone be performed to the highest levels so the tolerances of size, thickness, colour and finish is uniform.  It is at this point that the importer of stone becomes critical to ensure the quality of the project.  Correct selection, inspection and transport of stone will make a huge difference to the quality of a job.  RMS Marble have been importing and wholesaling stone for over 30 years.

Contact Us or Visit Our Sydney Showroom

Located near Sydney Airport RMS Marble has a large range of Stone tiles, slabs and accessories that you can view in our showroom /warehouse.  Bring along your drawings and colour palette so we can help find the perfect stone products for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

A person looking from the outside will quickly become perplexed at the range of prices of stone.  The same stone can vary in price from low to high and much of this pricing is based around how the experts value the stone.  Whether it is the size, shape, colour, veins or distribution of the colour, many factors can influence the price.  Sometimes the integrity of stone as well as the cracks and fissures inherent in many stones can play a part in the price. Even within a type of stone you will have grades that are sold at different prices, and this is reflected in the final price.  Generally, the better-quality stone is cut into slabs and the lesser material may be cut for tiles, however discerning suppliers will insist on good quality material be used for the tiles they import.

Stone has been used for centuries as an aesthetic finish in all kinds of applications.  Floors, walls and working surfaces have used stone and these surfaces have weathered and pattinered with age but remain usable.  In our modern kitchens we value the pristine look of material that has just been installed and so we try to keep our stone looking perfect.  Natural stone can mark and show age but with correct treatment and maintenance natural stone will last a lifetime.  There are many products that allow us to maintain the look of our stone.  Sealers, stone cleaners, and stone maintenance products when used during the normal day-to day cleaning will keep your stone looking beautiful for a very long time.

There are many options when someone is looking to install a new kitchen or vanity top and they are mainly split between natural or man-made products.  Man -made products have the advantage of being uniform and the same in every installation so it is easier and cheaper to select and install these products.  Stone is a very different product.  Because every piece of stone is unique, the size and shape of the pieces can vary from block to block and the veining can change according to the stone. Transforming stone into an amazing installation requires a skilled tradesman so the combination of a unique product combined with a specialist installer sets stone in a different class to the normal man-made product.  No two stone installations will ever be identical meaning a stone installation becomes a piece of natures beauty on display to all that visit.

Not all stone is the same – there are some stones that should never be used on benchtops.  Generally using a stone that has a history of use in residential installations is a good starting point.

Quarrying and processing stone is a skill that can take decades to learn and is often handed down from generation to generation.  While many countries have amazing stone, not every country has the tools and facilities to produce stone that is ready to be installed to the standards Australians expect. This is why large blocks of stone are often transported from faraway places to countries who have the modern tools to cut and finish the stone for buildings.

No Country has the most beautiful stone with every region having material that is individually spectacular. A lot of our appreciation of stone has come from the amazing structures and sculptures that have been crafted by architects, artisans and designers and sit in our collective history.  The Taj Mahal, The Colosseum, The Statue of David, the amazing Mosques of the Middle East or our more modern buildings all reflect the versatility of stone.