Atlantic Granite

Atlantic Granite is a dense material perfect for any commercial or residential application. At the moment, Rio is popular for kitchen benchtops due to its durability and luxurious, elegant look.

Atlantic Granite is a high-performing natural stone offering low maintenance, making it an ideal solution for both commercial and residential design projects. Its beauty and strength make it versatile for the design and architecture of nearly any application.

Usage in Design and Architecture: Atlantic Granite is incredibly versatile, allowing it to be used in nearly every aspect of design and architecture. Its wear and durability make it appropriate for nearly every application, including areas with a high foot traffic — ensuring that spaces not only look luxurious but maintain their beauty over time.

Floor and Wall Tiles: With elegant floor and wall tiles made from Atlantic Granite, any room will be captivating as well as exceptionally durable. It’s also scratch- and stain-resistant, so you can feel confident these tiles let your entryway, bathroom, kitchen, or living room continue to look as great as the day you installed them.

Kitchen Benchtops: A quality granite benchtop can be the finishing touch for any kitchen, and Atlantic Granite is a fantastic option for the heart of the home. The high heat-resistant properties of the stone mean it’s the perfect surface for the many hot pots and pans moved around in the kitchen.

Fireplaces: The fireplace is often the feature point of a room, so why not cover it in Atlantic Granite to give it a luxurious and comforting feel like no other. More importantly, the heat resistance of Atlantic Granite means it won’t crack under the heat of a good roaring fire, maintaining its structural integrity for a longer time.

Vanities: Atlantic Granite makes for an exquisite vanity in any bathroom and not just for looks, it’s a very practical solution as well. The stone is virtually impervious to scratching and completely resistant to staining, meaning it will stand up to everything from cosmetics to toiletries and cleaning products.

If you choose Atlantic Granite, you can add a host of benefits to your next design project. Because Atlantic Granite is scratch, stain, and heat-resistant. The superior strength and low maintenance mean it carries a low lifetime cost. Next time you are designing your dream home, remodeling a kitchen, or upgrading a business or residential space, pick Atlantic Granite. It’s a beautiful way to make your project look luxurious, yet it is also incredibly durable and able to withstand all of the demands you will place on it.

Also known as Speckle Grey Atlantic Granite, Blue Grey Atlantic Granite, Atlantic Grigio, Atlantic Grey, Atlantic Blue

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Fireplaces, Kitchen Benchtops, Vanity Tops, Wall & Floor Tiles