Calacatta Gold & White Marble

Part of the Calacatta family of stones from the Carrara region of Italy, Calcatta Oro combines the white Calacatta background and distinctive grey veins with gold blooms along the edges of the veins. These gold blooms can range from smaller fine lines to larger patches dispersed throughout the stone.

When installed by a skilled tradesman Calacatta Oro can create striking statements of bold colour that draw the eye of any observer.

Calacatta Oro will vary from block to block so each shipment of this amazing stone slabs and tiles will be a unique piece of history when installed in a project.

 Used for stunning benchtops, walls, vanities, and bathroom installations Calacatta Oro reflects the flair and individual nature of this stone.

Discover the enchanting allure and elaborate designs of Calacatta Oro Marble by accessing our PDF Flyer. Delve into the ways in which this remarkable natural stone can enhance any environment with its distinctive combination of white and grey hues.

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How Calacatta Gold Marble is Formed

While all Calacatta stone makes a striking impression, Calacatta Oro stands apart as one of the finest types of marble found anywhere in the world.

As with all varieties of Calacatta, the creamy surface of the marble is formed through slow geological forces. The process happens over millions of years and occurs within the Earth’s crust, transforming limestone and minerals through extreme heat and pressure to a crystallised structure that we know as marble.

Where Calacatta Gold Marble Comes From

There’s only one place in the world where you can find Calacatta marble, and that’s quarried in the mountains of Carrara, Italy alongside its cousin, Carrara stone.

The gold veining that typifies the Oro variety is the result of mineral impurities that fill the voids left by the heat and pressure of the Earth. With Calacatta Gold, these minerals fuse to the crystallised limestone and give it its distinctive warm-coloured veins.

Calacatta Oro Gold Marble Is Extremely Rare & Sought After

As Calacatta Oro can only be found in a single source located in the Apuan mountains, it is considered amongst the rarest of marbles.

While there are similar types of marble available, Calacatta Oro is sought after for its unusually pristine white punctuated by strong gold markings.

This is something that is not replicated to this quality anywhere else in the world, making it the preferred material for many interior designers and sculptures throughout history.

If You Are Looking for a One of a Kind Marble Statement Piece, Calacatta Oro Gold Marble Is It

Any home or commercial space that features Calacatta marble will make a lasting impression. This premium-grade marble has long been considered the best that nature has produced with the whitest face and most striking veining creating interest, dynamism and contrast.

As one of the premiere suppliers of Calacatta Oro Gold, RMS Marble is able to supply slabs to your requirement with a variety of different sizes and finishes.

White & Gold Are a Match Made in Heaven

Calacatta Oro elevates thus yet further with its golden veins giving a sense of opulence making it the marble of choice for the rich and powerful over the centuries. With earthy undertones, however, Calacatta Oro is suitable for a wide range of living spaces, complimenting both modern and traditional design.

Paired with its unbroken swathes of white fields, Calacatta Gold reflects a timeless luxury aesthetic.

Calacatta Oro Gold Marble Makes For a Beautiful Bespoke Dining or Coffee Table

RMS Marble is able to supply slabs of Calacatta Oro cut to any size. Whatever your design project, we can source and finish marble to your requirements.

With its natural chic, Calacatta Gold marble is ideal for exhibiting as a centrepiece. As it is such a hard-wearing and durable surface, despite its beauty, it is then ideal as a one-of-a-kind dining table top or coffee table piece that is sure to get the conversation flowing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Calacatta Oro Gold marble a good choice for a kitchen countertop?

Calacatta Oro is an ideal kitchen countertop material as its unusual patterning and large creamy features of white create a clean, sophisticated look.

Polished, sealed, and finished, Calacatta Gold can withstand daily use in a kitchen. It works particularly well as an island worktop giving a sense of sophistication to the kitchen, a traditionally utilitarian room of the home.

What is the difference between Calacatta Oro Gold Marble that has a polished or honed finish?

Polished Calacatta Oro is stone that has been subjected to fine-grain abrasion. After several passes and sealing with resin, this creates a highly reflective, smooth, polished surface that creates a powerful visual impression.

Honed Calacatta Gold is marble that has not been subjected to this polishing process. Instead, it features a more matte, natural look that some owners prefer. It is also more suitable for high-demand spaces where the marble is likely to become scuffed or scratched. As it is not as reflective, light will not highlight scratches and marks as easily.

Is Calacatta Borghini the same as Calacatta Oro Gold Marble?

While both Borghini and Oro come from the same geology, they differ in their colouring and vein patterning.

Unlike Oro, Borghini features light, soft feathers of grey as well as streaks of gold. For some design schemes the neutral grey tones can help accentuate furniture and decor, while retaining a sense of luxury.

In other use cases, Calacatta Oro is ideal for decadence and stronger contrast.

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