Calacatta Caldia Marble

Calacatta Caldia is a premium-grade, light Apuan marble that adds both a touch of luxury and comfort to a space. Part of the highly sought-after Calacatta family of stone, Caldia has a subtle brecciated appearance with varying tones throughout. Within each slab and tile of Calacatta Caldia can be found ivory-hued fields with complementary darker-toned veining. Together, this gives a cloud-like appearance that feels warmer than other varieties of Calacatta.

Caldia originates from the Tuscany region of central Italy. There, within the Apuan Mountain range, quarry workers have been extracting blocks of Calacatta for thousands of years. Within this special spot, the extreme geologic conditions have proven perfect for producing light marble with delicate veining in a variety of shades.

Demand has always been high for Calacatta, and for the Caldia variety especially. The aesthetic appeal of the stone slabs and tiles has led to it being used in some of the world’s most lavish buildings throughout history. Now, the stone can also be found in homes where the durability and appearance of the marble make it perfect for countertops, bookmatching, and wall cladding.

Calacatta Caldia is a Showpiece in the Kitchen

As a light marble, designers use Calacatta Caldia to introduce light and a sense of expansiveness into a kitchen. With Calacatta stone even rarer than its Carrara cousins, the stone finds itself used in kitchen spaces as a showpiece as well as a functional worktop. Here, the marble is situated in a high-visibility location and is able to be appreciated.

Due to its distinctively premium look and feel, installing Caldia marble into your kitchen gives an impression of quality and style. As the stone has less pronounced veining than some other forms of Calacatta, designers are able to combine the marble with a wider variety of decor going particularly well with light cabinetry and fittings. Used as a kitchen island or flooring, Caldia’s warmer mineralisation reflects creamy, soft light into the setting, giving even contemporary kitchens a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. 

While Calacatta Caldia is a brecciated stone, it is also one of the harder marbles with strong crystallisation that resists marks and compression well. Once sealed and treated, Caldia can be considered moisture-resistant and can be used in a typical fashion.

As a natural stone, Calacatta Caldia will last indefinitely if maintained and can help increase the perceived value of a property.

Other Types of Calacatta Marble:

Calacatta Gold Marble

Another golden-veined marble, Calacatta Gold is differentiated by having a warmer, creamier base stone than some of the other Calacatta types. This variety of Calacatta has veins that are more subtle in colour, with the golden threads intermingling with channels of grey and taupe, with clearer delineation.

Calacatta Viola Marble

Also known as Breccia Vagli, Calacatta Viola is a dramatic ice-white marble with veining that ranges from warm red to deep violet. Viola is not a marble that wants to blend in and is one of nature’s best materials for making a statement. Despite its rich veining, the stone is used extensively for a variety of purposes, including flooring, countertops, and staircases.

Maintaining Your Calacatta Caldia Marble

Like all forms of marble, Calacatta Caldia can absorb some liquids which could leave marks if left for extended periods of time.

This means the best approach is wiping up spills soon after they occur to prevent the stone from absorbing liquids and leaving a mark.

Marble should not be scrubbed with abrasive cleaning products – a neutral stone cleaner is the best option.  There are specialised stone cleaning products available if someone leaves anything on the countertop and it marks

Acids can also damage the surface of marble, including the juice of fruit such as lemons, tomatoes, oranges, and even vinegar. Be careful not to use acid-based cleaning solutions as these, too, can etch the top surface. Instead, use a marble-suitable cleaning product or gentle soap and water.

To keep your Calacatta Caldia looking its very best, it’s recommended to have it sealed after installation and then use stone cleaning products occasionally that can add some sealer back into the stone as you clean, to keep the stone looking fantastic.

Also known as Golden Calacatta Caldia, Calacatta Marble, Calacatta Caldia Marble, Calacatta Caldia Gold Natural Stone

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