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Granite, Basalt & Slate Tiles

Made of igneous rocks from the crust of the earth, granite is one of the most durable natural stones available worldwide. Basalt, also known as bluestone in Australia, is one of the most commonly used stone building materials for both residential and commercial projects. These tiles can be used for both interior and exterior floor and wall applications. All natural stone has variations in colour and texture, and shades may vary from the sample supplied.

Granite & Basalt Tile Supplier Sydney

Granite and Basalt Tiles are dense, strong materials that work well for any commercial or residential project. These materials naturally come in darker shades of greys and blacks. Looking for a lighter material in colour? We have a full range of natural stone tiles that range in colour, tonality, and finish.

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Granite Tiles & Slabs

What is Granite? 

Granite is a particular type of stone formed from cooling magma that has a specific mix of minerals. It is a very hard resilient stone that has been used for millennia to construct buildings and statues.  It became very popular for modern flooring and bench tops because of its ability to withstand the stresses of modern lifestyles. Most Granites today are characterised by a mixture of large granules which give the characteristic “spotty” look

Uses for Granite Tiles and Slabs

In the 70’s through to the late 20th century, Granite was a standard product for kitchen benches, however as trends changed and new materials became available less of this material was being used.

Today much of the Granite is used for internal and external flooring where the strength of Granite has many advantages but the limited colour palette still works well.  Granite pavers and tiles provide a strong weather resistant product that will last decades outside.

Internally we still use granite but often in plain black or some of the more patterned options as fireplaces, feature walls or vanity tops, and in commercial projects the more dramatic granites still adorn building foyers.

Basalt Tiles & Slabs

What is Basalt? 

Basalt is formed from rapidly cooling Lava and more than 90% of all volcanic rock on earth is Basalt.  While there are many varieties of Basalt, typically they are dark to mid grey colours with the mix of large and coarse grains gives them a characteristic look.  It is common for Basalt to have small holes which may run for a short way on the surface of tiles (cats’ paw).

Because of the way Basalt is formed it is difficult to get large format tiles and slab as the nodules of Basalt in the earth are often small or fragmented.

Each region where Basalt is quarried will have a particular colour and structure which is characteristic of the geologic history of the area.  This variety of sources can create difficulties when using Basalt as despite the colour being similar, different sources may have different characteristics making one product suitable while a similar looking product a poor choice.

Some of the Basalts that have been quarried for centuries from the same source provide the best options for a resilient finish with known qualities.

Uses for Basalt Tiles and Slabs

Basalt can be used in many situations, but most common applications are for internal and external floors.

Melbourne streets are paved with locally sourced Basalt pavers and Basalt Cobbles have been a popular construction material for pavements across the world.

Basalt tiles are popular for external courtyards and pathways, as cladding on pool walls or internally as floors and walls.  The selection and treatment of Basalt is important to ensure a good outcome with particular adhesives and sealers preferred to avoid discolouration or marks appearing over time.

Basalt from slab is a visually appealing option for fireplace surrounds and as feature walls inside or as a surround for BBQs.

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