Calacatta Viola Marble

Calacatta Viola Marble is an exquisite natural stone that effortlessly captures the essence of luxury and opulence. Its name, “Calacatta,” evokes thoughts of Italy’s world-renowned Carrara region, famous for producing some of the most sought-after marble varieties. Calacatta Viola Marble, however, stands out as a distinct and exceptional member of the Calacatta family due to its unique and captivating characteristics.

This marble is distinguished by its lustrous, milky-white background, reminiscent of freshly fallen snow, which serves as a pristine canvas for the main attraction: striking, deep purple and violet veining. The veins meander gracefully across the surface, creating an enchanting tapestry of colour and movement. The interplay between the pristine white and the bold, regal purple veining is a testament to nature’s artistry, resulting in a marble that radiates elegance and sophistication.
Calacatta Viola Marble’s applications are as versatile as they are breathtaking. It is often used in high-end residential and commercial projects, including benchtops, bathroom vanities, splashbacks, and wall cladding. Whether used in large, dramatic slabs or intricately patterned tiles, this marble infuses spaces with a sense of grandeur and visual intrigue.

Add a Touch of Luxury with Calacatta Viola Marble

Wherever it’s found, Calacatta Viola turns heads and draws attention thanks to its scattered veining that evinces luxury.

Despite its density of veins, however, the stone still retains calacatta’s sense of expansiveness. Large areas of unbroken white help highlight the black-purple veins and add a feeling of extravagance to bathrooms, hallways, and more.

Uses of Calacatta Viola Marble:

Kitchen Countertop

Whether polished or honed, viola looks like a work of art as a kitchen countertop. Scratch-resistant and able to withstand high temperatures, Calacatta Viola is perfect for prep work and sink areas, looking great paired with brass or copper fittings.


Pairing a viola countertop and backsplash means giving your kitchen a sense of activity and life. The delicate patterning works especially when set against a modern, minimal aesthetic or against natural wood textures.


Featuring a denser pattern than other types of Calacatta Viola is perfect as a flooring material. Honed for grip or polished for shine, Calacatta Viola marble can withstand high traffic and can be found in high-end reception areas and lobbies throughout the world.

Wall Cladding

Owing to its intricate veining, Calacatta Viola makes for showstopping wall cladding. Whether scattered or bookended, sheets of viola bring natural patterning and colour to your living space with dramatic flair.

Bathroom Vanity

Giving a sense of luxury to your powder room or bathroom, consider Calacatta Viola as a vanity. Paired with considered lighting, the red tints and warmer white fields give a flattering mirror appearance and interest to your space.

Table Top

The ultimate conversation piece, a tabletop made from Calacatta Viola marble, is something that can’t be ignored. Guests will be mesmerised by the stone’s patterns and colour, with the material’s hardiness making it as practical as it is beautiful.

Characteristics of Calacatta Viola Marble:

Colour and Veining

Distinct among the calacatta family, Calacatta Viola’s surface is punctuated by brecciated veining. Formed by mineral impurities over thousands of years, this has created white pools tinted red, surrounded by burgundy, lilac, and black.

This unique appearance makes Calacatta Viola one of the rarest natural stones in the world, prized for its daring aesthetic.

Durability and Hardness

As a brecciated marble, Calacatta Viola needs to be sealed to prevent moisture and spillages from entering the structure of the stone. Once treated, however, viola is a remarkably hardy stone, proven to withstand high footfall and daily wear and tear.

Naturally heat resistant, Calacatta Viola is also perfect in the kitchen as a worktop, floating island, or backsplash.


Calacatta Viola can be finished in a variety of styles, including honed, polished, brushed, tumbled and more. RMS Marble can also edge slabs to your specification.

Calacatta Viola is traditionally brought to a high polish as found in hotel lobbies and CEO boardrooms. Modern usage, however, sees a popularisation of a honed finish where a more natural appearance is retained, ideal for home settings.


Like other calacatta stones, viola is considered a scarce material giving it a high-end feel that carries a premium. While supply is still available, a resurgence in interest makes Calacatta Viola an appreciating investment.


Despite its bold appearance, Calacatta Viola is used throughout home settings and commercial properties. While traditionally used as wall cladding and flooring, it is now seen as stylish bedside tables, bookended showpieces, and as a way to add personality to the kitchen.


Maintaining Calacatta Viola involves general care and stain prevention:

Seal regularly: As a brecciated marble, Calacatta Viola should be re-sealed periodically. This ensures air moisture, spills, and other liquids don’t penetrate the surface through vein seams.

Clean up acid and spills: Avoid leaving acidic solutions in contact with Calacatta Viola for extended periods. This includes citric fruits and vegetables that can etch the surface, leaving a mark.

Clean carefully: Only use marble-suitable cleaning solutions. Harsh chemicals and detergents can eat into the surface of the stone and dull its appearance.


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