We offers a selection of carefully chosen marble basins (including marble sinks and marble bathtubs) prepared for use in high end architectural finishes.

Our marble basins are sourced primarily from Italy. Our marble basins are premium quality products with a wide range of great design choices and pair beautifully with our natural stone slabs.

Marble from around the world.

There are so many countries around the world with beautiful and unique marbles, however the skill to fashion these into baths and basins is limited to a few countries.

RMS have a range of basins in stock but can also have a unique bath or basin fashioned with your choice of marble.

Why You Should Choose a Marble Basin Over a Ceramic Basin For Your Bathroom

Choosing the right basin is not easy. As a showpiece for your bathroom, the right basin can elevate the room into something special to relax, indulge and feel at ease. While ceramic basins are functional, they can often lack style and character. Marble basins, on the other hand, provide both function and charm.

Marble has been used for thousands of years and has never gone out of style. Choosing a marble basin is a guarantee that your bathroom will remain stylish for years to come.

With a variety of colours and textures, marble is able to effortlessly fit into any kind of decor. Whether your bathroom is modern and chic or full or rustic charm, a marble basin keeps the space grounded in natural elements.

As a natural material, no two marble basins are ever the same. Each slab quarried from the mountains have their own unique veining and pattern that gives each basin its own character.

If you ever wish to sell your home, a marble basin is something that prospective buyers will not forget. It adds a sense of luxury to one of the most important rooms in a home and also gives the sense that the property has been lovingly cared for.

Unlike some other basin materials, marble is easy to clean and maintain. Sealed and finished, marble basins will not stain through normal use and can be treated like any other kind of basin.

The Different Types of Marble Basins RMS Marble Has on Offer

RMS Marble curates only the finest quality marble. We liaise with suppliers and quarries in the various countries to ensure we provide only the very best marble for our basins. Amongst our collection you can find:

Carrara Marble

One of the most well-regarded materials in the world, Carrara marble is named after the region of Tuscany in which it is quarried. Carrara is famed for its sleek white base, often with grey tones that make it suitable for a variety of spaces.

Carrara is most famed for its distinct, feathered veining. The linear patterns lend themselves perfectly for tile and interior use. You can find Carrara equally at home in the world’s most luxurious hotels or homes that value quality materials.

Calacatta Marble

Extracted from the same unique geological conditions as Carrara, Calacatta white marble is another prized material, considered the most valuable due to its scarcity.

Calacatta features bolder, grey markings on large fields of white base. The veining of Calacatta is somewhat darker than Carrara and comes in a few different shades such as gold, adding to its sense of opulence and warmth.

New York Marble

With its striking dark veins on a white background New York Marble presents a focal piece for any bathroom.

As a natural stone, New York White contains all of the subtle variations in tone and surface patterning that you’d expect alongside the unbeatable durability that mother nature produces. The white marble goes by many names, including  New York Carrara White and Mugla White New York. Despite its name, however, it is in fact quarried in Turkey and other European countries.

RMS Marble Has a Variety of Different Designs and Sizes To Choose From When It Comes to Your Marble Basins

A well-designed bathroom deserves a high-quality basin. RMS has on offer a selection of basin shapes to choose from, each available in different sizes.

New York

In the inimitable style of New York, this circular style basin gives uptown chic to contemporary bathroom settings.


Accentuating the angles and clean lines of your bathroom, Adele is a square basin style that looks great in modern spaces.


Giving a softer look, Eternity is a tapered oval basin that looks great in natural-toned marbles. This basin is suitable for any kind of decor, especially classic styles.


For a bolder statement, Buena basins provide an upright, deep basin, perfect for white stone like Calacatta or Carrara. Buena is capable of freestanding or partially recessed into a countertop.


RMS Marble also has a variety of cylindrical shaped basins, both deep, shallow and bowl-shaped. These are a popular choice for Italian marble as the bolder veining can be accentuated by the curved design. 


Giving your bathroom an edge, hexagonal basins are perfect for showcasing marble veining, with larger planes displayed. This type of basin is suitable for almost any bathroom space but is perfect for contemporary design.


Giving a sense of balance and natural harmony to your bathroom, irregular tear-shaped basins are pieces of art in their own right. This is especially the case when made from high-quality, Italian marble, with the curved shape allowing more of the stone’s texture to be appreciated.