Ceppo di Gre Limestone

Ceppo di Gre Limestone offers luxury, style and durability all in one. This premium flooring is perfect for those who want to make a statement. With its classic beauty and unmatched durability, Ceppo di Gre Limestone is sure to make a statement.

Experience the distinctive texture and natural elegance of Ceppo di Gre by downloading our PDF flyer.

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Ceppo di Gre Limestone is a testament to the Earth’s effortless artistry. Not only does this seductive material capture attention with its striking aesthetic, it has the unique ability to bring nature’s tranquility into our homes. Its versatility means that it suits a range of applications and its aesthetic appeal means that it is highly sought after for those wishing to infuse their spaces with character, depth and a timeless sense of luxury.


Kitchen Benchtops & Splash Backs: Transform your kitchen into a statement of elegance with limestone benchtops and splashbacks that are as durable as they are stunning.

Vanity Tops: Your bathroom deserves a top that’s as stylish and durable as it is beautiful.

Floors & Walls: Limestone flooring and wall cladding will elevate a room, creating a foundation of sophistication and style.

Fireplaces: The focal point of a room is a limestone fireplace surround, its luxury and warmth.

Exterior Cladding: Available for both internal and external application, it delivers a seamless indoor-outdoor transition.

Benefits of Ceppo di Gre Limestone:

Aesthetic Appeal:
Unique colour variations make Ceppo di Gre Limestone an attractive option, bringing depth and interest to any space it unites with.

Versatility: Its characteristics and neutral tones mean that Ceppo di Gre Limestone is right at home in decor themes from modern to traditional.

Natural Beauty: When you choose this limestone, you aren’t just selecting a striking material for your space. You’re choosing to welcome a little piece of the natural world and with it, the connection to our environment that synthetic building materials can never attain. `

Whether you’re crafting a tranquil bathroom getaway, an urban living area, or looking to heighten your home’s exterior, Ceppo di Gre Limestone offers the perfect synthesis of steadfastness, adaptability, and the sublime elegance that can only be found in natural stone. Discover the great qualities of Ceppo di Gre Limestone and certify your space as a testament to the never-ending attraction of natural stone.

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Cut-to-Size Format, Slabs, Tiles


Grey, Blue


Cladding, External, Fireplaces, Internal & External, Kitchen Benchtops, Splash Back, Stairs, Vanity Tops, Wall & Floor Tiles, Walls