Emperador Dark Brown Marble

Emperador Dark Brown Marble, quarried from the majestic mountains of Spain, showcases its natural splendour with a deep and indulgent chocolate brown hue. This remarkable marble is adorned with an intricate web of fine white brecciated veins, adding a touch of intricate elegance to its rich, earthy tones.
Emperador Dark Brown is a luxurious marble that remains a beloved choice, especially in classic settings, where its opulent appearance truly shines. With its origins deeply rooted in Spain’s natural beauty, this marble brings a sense of timeless grandeur to any space, evoking an atmosphere of sophistication and refinement.

Emperador Brown Marble

Modern times have seen other stones with similar colour and veining quarried in other countries and sold around the world.  These alternative stones use the same Emperador Dark name but will have slightly different performance characteristics, colour and veining. They are also less expensive than the original which is why they appeal to some. The Spanish Emperador Dark is the standard by which most people with knowledge of stone will use when referring to this beautiful marble.

Popular as slabs for benchtops, vanities and internal cladding, Emperador is primarily used for residential applications in bathrooms as flooring and vanities.  Commercially the stone is popular as bar and table tops as well as a feature stone for reception counters.

How Emperador Dark Brown Marble is Made

As with all marble, Emperador Dark Brown is formed by limestone experiencing a combination of extreme heat and pressure within the Earth’s crust. As geologic forces act upon this material, a metamorphosis occurs with the temperature and force causing calcite within the stone to recrystallize, giving marble its distinct veining and swirling patterns.

Darker marble such as Emperador Dark Brown occurs when other minerals get mixed into these natural processes and produce exciting and beautiful results. After eons, this stone is then quarried and finished with the original Emperador Dark Brown extracted from the Murcia region of southeast Spain.

What Sets Emperador Dark Brown Marble Apart From Other Marble

Originating from the Iberic Peninsula, Emperador’s Dark Brown marble captures the region’s earthy hues and natural beauty. The marble is unabashed and makes a bold statement in a bathroom or kitchen where the rich brown tones give a sense of luxury.

While Emperador Dark Brown marble does feature strong irregular veining primarily, it is also prized for exhibiting more subtle, neutral veins that add interest and diversity to slabs.

A centrepiece in its own right, architects have come to use Emperador Dark Brown marble for a variety of decorative purposes. This includes patterned flooring as well as bathroom washstands.

Emperador Dark Brown Marble is Extremely Versatile

Due to its impressive natural qualities, Emperador Dark Brown marble is suitable for almost all purposes. This includes both interior and exterior use thanks to its dense internal structure and natural appearance that can accentuate any space.

As a kitchen countertop and backsplash, Emperador Dark Brown serves as a focal point, with the rich veins and natural hues giving a sense of warmth.

For centuries, Emperador Dark Brown has also been used as flooring, with the stone offsetting white marble tiles perfectly. As a more hardwearing marble, Emperador Dark Brown is suitable for external use too as cladding and surfacing, complimenting the tonality of outdoor spaces well.

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