Bianco Riva Limestone Slab and Tiles


800 x 400 x 20mm
Honed Finish
31.36 m2 available
Batch/Serial No. #S463
$75 per m2 plus GST

2210 x 1220 x 20mm
Honed Finish
2.69 m2 per slab
46.58 m2 available
Batch/Serial No. #S489
*May need rehoning.
$200 per m2 plus GST

Bianco Riva Limestone is a beautifully understated stone that combines modern style with elegance. Its honed finish brings out the soft, neutral colours and natural textures, creating a smooth, matte look that’s sophisticated yet simple. This versatile limestone is perfect for many places, like elegant bathrooms, cozy living areas, and stylish facades.

This limestone is known for its calm and peaceful look, adding a soothing feel to any space, indoors or outdoors. It’s a favourite choice for its ability to fit well with different decorating styles, making any area look modern yet timeless. The smooth finish and lasting beauty of Bianco Riva Limestone show off a refined style that stays in fashion.

Choosing Bianco Riva Limestone for your next project means selecting a stone that brings lasting elegance and a sense of luxury. It’s an exceptional stone that enhances any space with its natural beauty.

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Slabs, Tiles



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