Brown Onyx Marble

Brown Onyx marble is a natural stone revered the world over for its rich, earthy tones and beautiful, patterning. Within each slab you will find hues ranging from coffee browns to honey golds, as well as ivory white ribbons. These appear in thick, striped bands and pools against a cloudy, Jovian-like base stone.

As a sedimentary material, Brown Onyx has a fine-grained structure formed due to spring water gradually depositing minerals deep in the Earth’s crust. Over millions of years, this forms Onyx composed mainly of calcite and travertine marble with various minerals giving it its distinctive tones. 

The marble is quarried in several locations with some of the most prized Brown Onyx originating in Western Iran.

Why Brown Onyx Marble Could Be Your Marble of Choice:

It adds Dramatic Effect and Is Unlike Any Other Marble

Very few stone materials make an impression like Brown Onyx, especially when backlit or showcased in a choice location. In modern architecture, Brown Onyx adds warmth and a natural element to a space, commanding attention without being ostentatious.

Due to its flowing surface texture and semi-translucent composition, Brown Onyx helps introduce a sense of splendour to a space. This makes it ideal as a countertop, bespoke coffee table, or showcased as wall or flooring.

Brown Onyx Marble Is Extremely Versatile

Unlike other luxury marble which can polarise with contrasting white and black hues, Brown Onyx is able to blend into a much wider range of decor. With a more neutral base colour, Brown Onyx can even serve as a relief material in contemporary spaces that need a natural element to help ground the setting.

Resin-backed and treated, Brown Onyx is also suitable for almost any application. Modern architects and designers reach for Brown Onyx to create backsplash designs, unique sinks, floor tiles, as well as decorative pieces.

How Brown Onyx Marble Is Used

Marble Floor Tiles

Onyx is prized for its reflectivity and translucency, enjoying the status of being a semi-precious type of stone. Despite this, Brown Onyx is still highly-suitable as a flooring material. Due to its compact nature, once finished and treated, the stone is capable of withstanding moderate to high footfall without compression. Within both domestic and commercial spaces, therefore, it serves as a colourful, pattern-filed floor tile that impresses with its high shine and delicate glow.

Kitchen Statement Piece

While a kitchen countertop is ultimately a functional installation, opting for Brown Onyx transforms the surface into a real showstopper. With contemporary kitchen design now featuring shades both light and dark in tone, the ranging colours of Brown Onyx can help tie things together with colours that accentuate different elements of the room.

Bathroom Vanity and Walls

Underscore a Brown Onyx counter with a lighter wood or matching slabs and a bathroom vanity becomes a true centrepiece of the room. In an enclosed space such as the bathroom, the translucent qualities of the stone help add a sense of spaciousness. As a wall material, Brown Onyx reflects a soft light that’s particularly flattering in the bathroom setting. Together, a Brown Onyx vanity and accompanying veneer create a stunning aesthetic that is bound to impress.

Other Types of Onyx Marble

Alongside Brown Onyx, there are a variety of other onyx choices available, each slab uniquely designed by nature and ready to transform your space.

White Onyx Stone

Pearlescent in appearance, White Onyx is one of the prettiest in the onyx family, finding itself installed in modern environments especially. The stone is one of the most sought-after materials in the market due to its relative purity, with only very soft mineral clouding that ranges from greys to rose gold. The best examples of White Onyx are found in regions around North West Iran.

Honey Onyx Marble

Featuring amber stone against soft milk-coloured inclusions, Honey Onyx marble adds warmth and a joyful presence to a space with backlighting accentuating the effect. The stone’s distinctive golden colour comes from high levels of iron oxide in the water, dying the calcite honey yellow. The stone finds itself used to add colour to a room with kitchens and hallways being prime locations.

Pink Onyx Marble Stone

Subtle in shade, Pink Onyx marble features a blushed pink base stone with delicate white veining, quarried in Iran. The stone’s relatively neutral tonality means it can be used for almost any purpose, with the simpler surface texture lending itself to flooring and countertop use in contemporary settings.

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