Aqua Caravaggio Quartzite

Aqua Caravaggio Quartzite Slabs, with their leathered finish, showcase a symphony of nature’s finest hues, blending green, beige, blue, and rustic gold shades. This exquisite selection transcends mere surfacing; it’s a versatile statement piece that embodies the pinnacle of elegance and an earthy opulence. These slabs open up a world of design possibilities, suitable for a wide array of applications including benchtops, splashbacks, floors, walls, feature walls, furniture, bathrooms, and vanities. The refined leathered texture not only highlights the rich, varied colors but also enhances the slab’s functional appeal by offering a tactile experience that encourages interaction and admiration. Ideal for creating striking focal points or sophisticated practical surfaces, Aqua Caravaggio Quartzite stands as a testament to versatility and enduring beauty, ready to transform any space with its unique blend of natural artistry.

Aqua Caravaggio Quartzite Slabs, with their distinctive leathered finish, present a remarkable blend of nature’s artistry and luxurious design, making them an exceptional choice for enhancing interior spaces. These slabs are not just materials but are pieces of the earth’s history, as a functional art form that brings the beauty of the natural world indoors.

The colour palette of these quartzite slabs is a harmonious blend of green, beige, blue, and rustic gold shades, reminiscent of a landscape painting where every hue plays its part in creating a serene yet vibrant scene. This unique combination of colours offers a versatile foundation that can compliment various design elements, from the warmth of oak cabinets to the contemporary sheen of chrome and brass fittings. The interplay of these materials can create a space that feels both grounded in nature and elevated in sophistication.

The leathered finish of the Aqua Caravaggio Quartzite adds a sensory dimension to its appearance. It enhances the visual depth of the quartzite and provides a matte, soft-touch experience that invites touch, adding an element of tactile beauty to its visual appeal.

Incorporating these slabs into your space offers endless design possibilities. They can be used in various applications, each serving a different purpose but all ensuring a touch of elegance:

Benchtops and Splashbacks: Transform kitchen benches and backsplashes into stunning focal points that not only dazzle the eye but also offer durability and resistance to heat and scratches.

Floors and Walls: Create a cohesive look by extending the quartzite from benchtops to flooring or walls, establishing a luxurious continuity in the space.

Feature Walls and Furniture: Use the slabs to create statement pieces, whether as a dramatic feature wall that anchors the room or as unique tabletops that become conversation starters.

Bathrooms and Vanities: Bring the tranquility and luxury of a spa into your home by using these slabs for shower surrounds, vanity tops, or even entire bathroom walls.

The versatility of Aqua Caravaggio Quartzite makes it suitable for a wide array of settings, from minimalist modern to rustic or traditional. Its robust nature ensures longevity, making it an investment in both the aesthetics and functionality of your space.


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Gold, Green, Beige, Grey, Brown, Blue