Marble Mosaic Tiles

Marble is a truly breathtaking and luxurious stone. Imagine how its appearance and charm are heightened when cut and crafted into mosaic shapes. RMS presents a collection of marble mosaic tiles to help designers, developers, and homeowners bring awestriking designs to life at home. 

Explore our full range of mosaic stone designs in flute, penny round, hexagon, square, basketweave, herringbone, chevron, connect, arc and flower shapes. 

Flute mosaics were first created in Ancient Egypt and Greece. Now beloved worldwide for their simple yet chic repetitions between light and shade.


Depending on their colour and patterns, marble penny tiles can embody the charm of the 1920s Art Deco style or the soothing round detail currently famous in contemporary bathroom styles.

Penny Round

Hexagon Carrara marble tiles offer a retro-chic look that always feels both nostalgic and new. 

Hexagon Mosaics

Discover a mix of mosaics with stately masculine designs and classical minimalistic patterns.

Square Mosaics

Basketweave mosaic patterns embody refinement with subtle contrast. Breathe elegance into your living spaces with basketweave tiles for your floors, walls, splashback or fireplace.


Chevron mosaic tiles add a modern luxurious feel to a space. Herringbone creates a more traditional appearance. It’s important to note that Chevron tiles make a room look bigger while Herringbone can make a room look smaller.

Herringbone Image

Add dynamic, long and ovalish detail to your walls, floors or splashback. Connect & Arc Mosiacs exceptionally play well with the different colours and patterns uniquely found in marble stone. 

Connect Marble Mosaic Tiles

Regal mosaics fit for a mermaid. Also known as fish scale tiles, these mosaic tiles are a fun way to celebrate both the colour and soft water-like patterns in marble.

Flutes copy

Create a meadow in your kitchen splashback or living room with marble tiles with a floral aesthetic.


Create with the RMS Collection of Marble Mosaics

Explore our full range of marble mosaics at RMS Marble. Mosaic-cut stone is perfect for use in applications both outdoors and indoors. 

Marble Mosaic Bathrooms 

Marble mosaic stone tiles will easily elevate any marble bathroom with added interest and shape. Pair a natural marble tile or slab wall with marble mosaic flooring tiles. Otherwise, make creative walls with white marble mosaic tiles for the walls of your bathroom with a marble tile floor. 

Mosaic Shower Walls

Make the shower the centre of attention in your bathroom by focusing your marble mosaic tiles in this space. Whether used as your shower flooring, walls, or both, the shower quickly becomes a soothing place of refinement. The perfect atmosphere to wash out the stresses of the day.

Mosaic Feature Walls

Need to add some focus to a room? Whether for your living room, bathroom or hotel lobby, marble mosaics work wonders as a design choice for a feature wall. The possibilities are endless with the unique characteristics of different species of marble and mosaic shapes available in our range. 

While white mosaic carrara marble tiles are perfect for airy contemporary elegance, green marble mosaic tiles add beautiful colour and detail. Often in shades ranging from sage and jade to emerald and moss agate.

Mosaic Kitchen Splashback

Splashbacks offer the perfect canvas for creativity. A marble mosaic splashback makes an elegant statement that elevates your kitchen space while protecting your walls from heat and moisture.

Choose a mosaic tile with less unfilled space between each tile, such as a herringbone, hexagon or flute mosaic tile shape, for the most low-maintenance option.

Mosaic Fireplace Surrounds

Fireplaces have long since been a focal point of the living room. Use marble mosaic tiles for your fireplace mantle or fireplace surrounds for a dignified presence around the fire.

Marble Mosaic Hotel Floors

Mosaic flooring in marble creates a luxurious atmosphere perfect for high-end hotels. Whether you are designing the welcoming lobby or looking for ways to add more regal detail to hotel hallways, mosaic marble tiles make an exquisite choice.

Create Unique Interiors and Exteriors with RMS Marble

RMS Marble provides all the natural stone mosaics, tiles and slabs you need to create breathtaking spaces that you can call wholly yours. 

Contact us today to get a quote on a marble mosaic tile or book a visit to our showroom to learn more. We also have other decorative tiles, limestone tiles and travertine tiles if you’re looking for more options to complete your spaces.