Bisazza Pool Mosaic Tiles

Bisazza Mosaic Tiles are not only perfect for pools, they are also perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, feature walls and splash-backs. These colourful glass mosaics provide texture, dimension, and become a conversation piece. These luxurious, sturdy tiles are perfect for any indoor or outdoor application.

Bisazza mosaics can be ordered in any pattern or design to suit your requirements using the large array of colours available.  Standard colours and mixes are available ex-stock.

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Bisazza Hotmelt Mosaic Tiles are Perfect for the Australian Home

Making the entire process of tile installation quicker, easier, and with a better quality finish is Bisazza’s revolutionary hot melt system.

Exclusive to Australia and New Zealand, the hotmelt tile system keeps tiles pre-connected via a premium-quality polyurethane mesh. Once the section of tiles is in place, heat is then applied to set the pre-applied adhesive, fixing your beautiful Bisazza mosaic tiles in place for good.

With its warm, sunny climate, the hotmelt system is perfect for Australian households as it meets the stringent standards set by CSIRO. Specifically AS ISO 13007.2.2013 and AS 3958.1.2007 PART 1 which ensure tile coverage and adhesive strength meet government standards.

With the PU thermo-set adhesive both waterproof and UV resistant, the hotmelt system is ideal for when mosaic tiles are regularly exposed to sunshine and water, such as a swimming pool, spas, or a wet room. Even under commercial use, tiles remain in place and looking their best.

Why You Should Choose Bisazza Mosaic Tiles for Your Home

An Abundance of Mosaic Styles & Colour Options

Bisazza has established a reputation for producing some of the world’s most exciting premium Mosaic tiles. Using superior oxides, each individual tile exhibits the most vivid colours with only premium-grade silica used to showcase the underlying texture and tones.

In its long history, this highly-respected Italian brand has brought countless colours, patterns, and sized mosaics to the market. These now find themselves in use in both commercial and residential spaces, including some of the world’s most exclusive properties.

Whether you’re looking to tile your pool with bright solid tones, blends, patterns, or textured mosaic, Bisazza’s abundant selection has something for any decor.

Create a High-End Look in Your Home or Outdoor Space

Thanks to its visionary design team with almost 70 years experience, Bisazza mosaic designs are a showcase in their own right.

Inspiring the designs are regular collaborations with internationally renowned mosaic designers. These include the likes of Tord Boontje, Studio Ko, and Aldo Cibic. The passion for tile-work shown by Bisazza means all of their tiles look and feel high-end.

With professional colour pairing, quality materials and expert pattern knowledge, all part of the company DNA, Bisazza Mosaic tiles don’t disappoint completing the look of any home or outdoor area.

Bisazza Mosaic Tiles are Extremely Durable

Each and every mosaic tile produced by Bisazza is made from the highest quality raw materials including the finest grade silica for superior shine and finish.

This not only enhances the colour and design but makes the tiles far more durable. While the tiles are capable of holding their own as wall-set centrepieces, they are tough enough to handle the wear and tear of a busy household or commercial usage.

Bisazza tiles, then, are ideal for heavy-use areas like a swimming pool or spa with mosaics suitable for use in any space.

A Sustainable Tile Solution

Part of the Bisazza philosophy is to reduce the impact that mosaic production has on the environment. The efforts of Bisazza include making sure their product range meets the standards of the LEED certification for sustainability in energy, wellbeing and impact.

 Much of the Bisazza range is made from recycled glass (93%) with carefully monitored production processes implemented to ensure the mosaic tile range is as eco-friendly as possible.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Keeping your Bisazza mosaic tiles looking their best is easy too. Tiles should be cleaned with readily available semi-acidic solutions, that lift off debris and accumulated limescale with ease.

As Bisazza tiles are made using premium materials, there is no risk to the finish of the final product either. Whether used externally, indoors, or even submerged in water, the tiles can withstand everyday cleaning to maintain hygiene and appearance.