Antique White Marble

Antique White Marble is a luxurious white marble, popular for its milk white grounding with grey linear veining. The fine grain and compact nature of the stone means it can be used in most situations.

Antique White is similar to some of the Calacatta type marbles, but its pattern is softer, with only slight wisps of grey on a bright white background. Its naturally unpredictable pattern looks beautiful when paired with brushed metallics such as copper and silver, creating a contemporary design that is unique, and eye-catching.

Used for Bench-tops feature walls or in tiles for floors Antique White slabs and tiles will add a subtle elegance to your project.

Discover the refined beauty and delicate patterns of Antique White Marble by downloading our PDF Flyer. See how this captivating natural stone can transform any space with its pristine white colour and subtle veining and get inspired to create your own timeless design.

Antiquie White Marble Flyer Image - RMS Natural Stone and Ceramics








Also known as Oriental White, Oriental Antique White, Antico White, Antique White Marble, Antique White Slabs

Stone Type


Available In

Cut-to-Size Format, Slabs, Tiles




Cladding, Kitchen Benchtops, Vanity Tops, Wall & Floor Tiles

Slab Size

3060 x 2060 x 18mm

Tile Size

800 x 400 x 15mm