Crema Marfil Marble

Crema Marfil Marble is a textured creamy stone with soft veins of colour including tones of yellow, cinnamon, white and even goldish beige.

Quarried exclusively in Spain, this marble has a rich history of use in architecturally significant buildings across the globe. The more consistent and lighter tones of Crema Marfil Marble stone slabs and tiles are prized as a durable and resilient stone for use in modern building. Primarily used internally on main floors, bathrooms, building foyers, vanities and Benchtops this marble is always fashionable.

The soft creamy tones work with most décors, Crema Marfil Marble stone slabs and tiles are for the modernist, the classical, and the minimalist.

Premium Quality Light Marble Tiles & Slabs

Like other limestone marbles, Crema Marfil tells a story of eons past when crushed shells, sand, and other matter settled at the bottom of long-gone seabeds. Over time, heat and pressure immortalised these layers of material into solid limestone with the colour and pattern varying based on the natural geology.

The most prized, high-grade stone slabs feature consistent tonality and are lighter in colour, lending themselves to a wider variety of settings. These premium slabs avoid looking patchwork when laid while still retaining subtle diversity of texture.

Crema Marfil is considered one of the more durable and resilient forms of limestone available due to its compact composition. It finds itself used for both decorative and architectural purposes in modern times as it has done for centuries. Modern usage sees it used internally as main flooring, bathroom cladding, in foyers, as bespoke vanity counters, and as stylish benchtops.

The Appeal of Crema Marfil Marble Tiles & Slabs

With a timeless aesthetic, Cream Marfil is ever in fashion and still suitable for most decor to this day, especially modern, classical and minimalist styling.

Crema Marfil Marble Works Great With Other Marbles

For designs that require more than one type of marble, Crema Marfil is an ideal choice. The lightly textured stone can complement a variety of other marbles because of its neutral, consistent surface patterning.

A classic combination that proves itself timeless is combining Crema Marfil with Dark Emperador marble. Crema Marfil’s lighter sentiment gives space for the rich, chocolatey tones of the Dark Emperador to breathe. In modern installations, the two can be seen as a tiled floor pattern, as a riser and stair covering, mosaics, pool capping, and as complementing flooring and wall cladding.

Crema Marfil’s versatility also means it can work alongside black marbles like Nero Marquina or even red marbles where its cream base colour is picked out by the veining of the other.

Utilize Different Finishes to Give Crema Marfil a Unique Look & Feel

Like other limestone marbles, different treatments can be applied to Crema Marfil to provide a variety of different finishes.

These include:

Polished: using resin and varying levels of friction, slabs of Crema Marfil are brought to a high polish that allows the internal veining of the slab to be appreciated. This finish introduces a lot more light into a space and is perfect for flooring in entryways, halls, and foyers, as well as cladding and kitchen countertops.

Honed: providing a matte finish to Crema Marfil gives it a classic, more natural finish that is perfect for kitchen use or as flooring in areas of high traffic. The light toning Crema Marfil means the material is also resilient to etching but a honed finish makes it perfect for benchtops where prep work could otherwise affect a surface.

Brushed: an aged, worn look can be introduced to Crema Marfil through a brushed finish. This sees harder nylon or wire brushes used on the surface of Crema Marfil bringing out internal details such as veining and adding additional texture. This is a good choice for staircases and flooring, especially when accompanied by a chisel edge finish. 

Bush-Hammered: for the ultimate texture and grip, a bush-hammered finish adds a uniform, consistent texture across the surface of the stone. This micro-pitting increases the surface area and resistance of the stone, making it suitable for bathroom cladding, and as flooring in other areas where it may become wet such as pool capping.

Gives a Spacious Light Feel to Any Space

While Crema Marfil does feature veining across its entire surface, its subtle, complementary hues mean it opens up a space rather than narrows focus. In tighter spaces, this can help make the area feel lighter and larger than it is. In more open spaces such as lobbies and living spaces, Crema Marfil accentuates the feeling of spaciousness with its light-reflecting properties. Unlike some pure white marbles, the soft cream colour of Crema Marfil means it is also able to add a feeling of warmth too.

Crema Marfil Has Variety

As a natural material, each block of Crema Marfil extracted varies considerably in texture and tone. The most basic type of classification between types is dark tone and light tone. While both varieties have a beige base colour, blocks can range from light, delicate cream to more golden, yellow tones. In some blocks, colours can even go as deep as a fawn-like brown.

Another element that differs is the veining. The highest-grade blocks feature light, consistent veining throughout that can resemble lapping waves. For some applications, however, slabs with concentrations of veining may be desirable acting as points of interest within a piece.

Stone Type


Available In

Cut-to-Size Format, Slabs, Tiles




Cladding, Kitchen Benchtops, Stairs, Vanity Tops, Wall & Floor Tiles

Tile Sizes

610 x 305 x 10mm
600 x 400 x 15mm

Slab Size

2700 x 1600 x 30mm