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With its enduring appeal and rustic allure, Cobblestone has been a favourite choice for centuries. From creating enchanting garden paths to adding character to driveways, cobblestones bring a touch of timeless charm to any outdoor area. 

At RMS Natural Stone and Ceramics, explore the beauty and versatility of cobblestone and outdoor stone pavers and discover how they can elevate the style of your outdoor space to new heights.

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What is Cobblestone? 

Cobblestone is a natural stone commonly used for paving roads, streets, and other outdoor surfaces. It is characterised by its distinct, irregular shape and rough texture. Cobblestones are typically small to medium-sized stones, often rounded or slightly flattened. 

Cobble paving is usually made from granite or limestone but can be made of other stones or a combination of stones like basalt or other natural stones. 

Applications of Cobbles

Cobblestone’s intricate craftsmanship and durable nature make it ideal for traditional and contemporary settings. Its distinctive appearance, characterised by irregular shapes and textures, adds a touch of uniqueness and character to any space; some of the most popular applications include 

Driveways and Walkways.

Impress your guests when they arrive by opting for a cobblestone driveway and walkway. Cobblestone driveway pavers’ rugged texture and authentic charm provide an unforgettable first impression while ensuring functionality and durability.

Patios and Courtyards

Transform your outdoor living space with cobblestone patios and courtyards. Whether you envision a cozy seating area or an elegant dining space, cobblestone sets the stage for memorable moments.

Garden Pathways

Guide your footsteps through whimsical garden cobblestone paths. The combination of natural elements and the rustic allure of cobblestone creates a magical atmosphere, inviting you to wander and explore your outdoors.

Pool Surrounds

Create a resort-like ambience around your swimming pool with cobblestones. Its slip-resistant surface and ability to withstand moisture make it an excellent choice for pool surrounds. Lounge in luxury and indulge in the beauty of cobblestone.

Our Collection of Cobble Stone Tiles. 

Belgian Grey Cobbles 

Crafted from premium natural stone, these cobblestones exhibit a soft grey palette that complements various design styles effortlessly. This cobble will add sophistic to your outdoor space, whether creating a traditional courtyard, a charming garden path, or an inviting driveway.

Diamond Black Cobbles 

Diamond Black Cobbles are perfect for those seeking a more dramatic and contemporary look. These cobblestones’ dark grey hue and textured finish create a striking contrast against lighter surroundings. 

The sleek and modern appearance of Diamond Black Cobbles adds a touch of luxury to any landscape, making them an excellent option for an attractive walkway or statement features.

Porphyry Cobbles

Our Italian Porphyry is an ideal selection if you’re looking to infuse your outdoor area with vibrant colours and natural beauty. 

Featuring various colours, from greys to deep red or pale pink, these cobblestones offer a visually captivating option for creating unique and visually stunning designs. 

Porphyry Cobbles are an excellent choice for outdoor spaces that receive a lot of foot traffic. They are visually appealing, durable, and very strong. Plus, they are resistant to weathering.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space with Cobble Stones

RMS Natural Stone and Ceramics is your stone supplier if you want cobblestones for sale. Enjoy the beauty of cobblestone pavers, providing the perfect combination of timeless beauty, durability, and versatility. 

Create a classic or modern walkway, patio, or driveway that will stand the test of time. RMS Natural Stone and Ceramic’s cobblestones can upgrade the style of your outdoor space, so enjoy the lasting beauty of these remarkable natural stones.

To explore our cobblestone collection or learn more about our other stone, terracotta pavers and marble products, you can also visit our showroom in Banksmeadow. 

Contact our team today to quote the cobblestone driveway cost and discover how RMS Natural Stone and Ceramics can bring your vision to life.