Botticino Marble

Botticino is an understated cream marble that is ideally suited for kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, wall cladding, as well as floor tiles or feature walls. It features a neutral oyster-coloured base stone and subtle white-to-grey diffuse veining across its entire surface. These elements blend together to create a marble texture that suits both traditional and contemporary applications.

Owing to this elegant balance of tone and texture, Botticino stone slabs and tiles have become an increasingly in-demand stone, lending itself to almost any decor scheme. It is quarried in the shadow of the Alps in the Brescia province of Italy where it has been extracted for centuries. While it has always been a precious material, Botticino stone slabs and tiles are now revered by homeowners and architects and used for both internal and external use.

Why Choose Botticino Marble For Your Home

While its chic appearance is perhaps its main appeal, Botticino marble is regarded as a premium marble for other reasons too:

Botticino Marble Is an Extremely Versatile Natural Stone

Botticino is now exported all around the globe and can be found everywhere quality marble is appreciated. As well as commercial spaces and high-end design, the stone is equally suitable for use at home.

One of the primary uses of Botticino is as floor tiles where its subtle patterning introduces texture without distraction. Once sealed, the tiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as flooring, a balcony and terrace surface, or as stair coverings.

Within a property, Botticino serves as a charming countertop or splashback, bringing light into a kitchen through its reflectivity. Designers opt for Botticino in the kitchen due to its off-white colour, something that masks unintended etching and other signs of everyday use. When resin-polished and sealed, the marble is also less porous than other types of marble due to its tighter vein structure, meaning low moisture absorption.

Elsewhere, Botticino has been showcased as stylish bathroom vanity counters, bespoke coffee tables to match flooring, and a showstopper of a fireplace with the marble working in both classical and contemporary framing styles.

Botticino Marble Can Withstand Heavy Foot Traffic

Despite its delicate appearance, Botticino marble is an incredibly strong form of marble and is able to withstand moderate to relatively high footfall. This makes it a great choice for the home but equally suitable for commercial spaces where foot traffic is higher such as pavers, stairways, tiling, and wall cladding. In these spaces, the marble can endure average usage without its appearance diminishing.

Architects reach for Botticino as a floor and wall material when they require a lighter-toned marble that has a high level of compactness. Because Botticino features lighter mineral veining, it has a higher calcite crystal ratio, meaning it is resistant to compression and signs of wear.

Botticino Neutral Tones Suit Any Space

While all marble ages over time, some wear signs of use better than others. Due to its neutral, oyster-like base colour, Botticino finds itself in this camp, with the marble requiring only infrequent maintenance and cleaning to keep it looking its best. This involves simply cleaning the marble with a pH-neutral solution and sealing it within 6 months of the last treatment.

With its compact structure and light base colour, Botticino, then, is able to hold up in even the most demanding of settings while still exuding elegance and natural beauty. Whether polished, honed, brushed, or hammered, Botticino effortlessly introduces lightness into any space while still offering a sense of luxury.

Also known as Cremo Botticino, Crema Botticino, Botticino Marble Cremo

Stone Type


Available In

Cut-to-Size Format, Slabs, Tiles




Cladding, Kitchen Benchtops, Stairs, Vanity Tops, Wall & Floor Tiles

Tile Size

600 x 600 x 15mm

Slab Size

3100 x 1850 x 20mm