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Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

To compliment the range of Stone tiles and Slabs that RMS supply, we have a collection of Porcelain and Ceramic  tiles for those areas where stone is not used.

The range of Porcelain tiles covers a variety Stone-look Porcelain tiles, colourful and decorative tiles sourced from Europe and Asia.  Our aim is to provide a source for designers, architects and clients to design and purchase tiles for every room and area within a house.

What are Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles?

Both Porcelain and Ceramic tiles are made from a similar range of raw materials and the difference is about where the types can be used. Generally Ceramic tiles are only used on walls, with Porcelain tiles suitable for wall and floors.

Uses for Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles in Sydney Homes

Porcelain is a stronger, denser material than ceramic and are made to withstand greater impact allowing them to be used on floors.  The surface glazes are also different when the tile is designed to be used on floors. Porcelain tiles can mimic the colours and patterns of stone providing an alternative where a lower cost is required or textured surfaces are required for external use.  Stone-look tiles will have patterns that repeat every few meters with lower cost tiles through to the premium Italian tiles that may only repeat every 30 meters.

Ceramic tiles are often fired with colourful glazes which make them ideal for wall applications, providing a range of colours and patterns to decorate a space.  These glazes are not suitable for floor traffic and the lower density of ceramic makes them easier to adhere to walls.

Porcelain Tiles for Bathrooms, Splash-backs and Floor Applications

With the range of Porcelain and Ceramic tiles on the market the design possibilities are endless.  While stone may be the hero of a project, the careful application of these tiles can enhance and compliment your stone and provide a splash of colour or a cost saving option for spaces that are not prominent.

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