Simba White Marble

Simba is a warm white marble with subtle light veining. The crystallisation in the surface of Simba Marble captures the light and creates an elegant surface. Simba performs well in a variety of applications.

Known for its easy cleaning, this dense hard stone is ideal for benchtops, island benches, and splashbacks and can even be backlighted.

Simba white marble slabs and tiles are a favourite of many of our clients, come to our showroom and check out the slabs for your next project.

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Consider Using Simba White Marble in Your Home

Before undertaking your next household project, you should consider using Simba White marble as a way to showcase your space. With a look that resembles the class and sophistication of Carrara marble and a subtle pattern that adds just the right amount of texture, Simba marble is a prized stone throughout the world.

Simba White Marble Tiles & Slabs are a Timeless Statement Piece

There’s not many materials that can withstand the changing tides of style and fashion, but Simba White is one of them.

This is thanks primarily to its relatively neutral, cottony white colouring. Unlike some other white marbles, this stone has a touch of warmth to it that can work exceptionally well in kitchens and powder rooms, lifting the space through tone.

Simba White does not have strong patterning either. While this is highly desirable in some settings, there is no risk of a space looking dated due to changing tastes with White Simba marble. The patterning within the stone is diverse and interesting but blends in seamlessly from a distance, giving the best of both worlds.

Simba White Marble is Unique and Luxurious

Finished and set correctly with appropriate decor, Simba White Marble has the ability to elevate a space to something spectacular.  Thanks to its large fields of warm white stone, the marble has the ability to say a lot without shouting.

This gives a space room to breathe meaning fittings, fixtures, and accessories are not overshadowed by the marble, but instead, are complimented by it. 

Uniquely, Simba White is a marble that is luxurious despite being understated. This stone is therefore easy to work into your project, giving a sense of opulence while maintaining an elegant look.

Simba White Marble is Extremely Versatile

While Simba White marble is an instant attraction in a room, it is still extremely versatile. Unlike some other materials, it can be used for almost any project thanks to its softer, more neutral white stone.

It Can Be Used Throughout the Kitchen

Simba White marble is an extremely forgivable stone, making it great for kitchen installations. Whether as a backsplash, countertop, flooring, or island worktop, Simba White is one of the best choices.

 This is down to its unique combination of off-white colouring and textured inflections. This creates a marble surface that still retains the heat-resistant properties of marble but also does not show up stains or acid marks as easily should they occur.

Marble Stairs & Marble Floor Tiles

Structurally hardy, Simba White marble has a dense, crystalline form that makes it suitable for flooring applications. This intrinsic strength combined with the elegance of its soft white appearance makes it one of the most desirable flooring materials on offer. 

Simba White finds itself tiled and laid in kitchens, hallways, and even living spaces. Slabbed, it is also used as a high-end stairway solution, giving a feeling of expanse and sturdiness to stairs.

Bathroom Sinks and Feature Walls

Given its clean, undisturbed surface, Simba White marble is popular for vanity counters. The soft white gives a flattering underglow when used with considered lighting and sits well under a mirror.

The material is also a popular choice for bathroom sinks. The white stone introduces a clean, pure aesthetic into a bathroom that looks the part in luxury bathrooms of both commercial and domestic types.

White Simba marble is also a highly-prized feature wall material. The stone’s unbroken appearance gives a sense of expanse to a room, making a space feel large, spacious, and grander as a result.

Countertops in the Entertainment Space

In commercial settings, White Simba is a perfect countertop for bars and serving stations. The material is appealing to customers and is something people are naturally drawn towards. 

In residential settings, the material is perfect for home bars, coffee tables, and more. The white marble can work seamlessly in almost any type of decor, turning functional spaces into luxury ones.

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