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White Marble

White marble is the most widely-used and sought-after type of marble, and for good reason. In both domestic and commercial spaces, white marble projects a sense of purity, calm, and natural beauty.

Timeless, luxurious, and effortlessly stylish, white marble is never out of fashion. Throughout the centuries it has been used as a light-reflecting wall cladding, elegant but robust flooring, as practical surfaces, as well as a material for artists to sculpt.

The Most Popular White Marbles on the Market

While there are a large variety of different white marbles available, there are some that speak louder than others and find themselves the preferred types. These white marbles have unique aesthetic qualities that set them apart.


This classic, smooth marble comes from the Apuan mountain range in Italy. A premium white marble, Calacatta is revered for its dramatic dark grey veining structure, often exhibiting hints of gold and creamy beige. Calacatta has been used for almost all purposes over the centuries but finds itself predominantly used wherever it can be showcased such as lobby or hallway flooring, a fire surround, or as a kitchen island worktop.


In Statuario marble, you will find some of the most desired qualities of both the Calacatta and Carrara varieties. Traditionally used as a carving material, artists and sculptors admired the stone’s bright, luminous white shade with diverse, interesting veining that is less pronounced than Calacatta. Statuario is quarried in the highlands above Carrara and is a popular choice for bookended feature walling, vanity worktops, as well as a tile, each showcasing different vein patterning.


Derived from the same quarries and Apuan region of Italy as Calacatta, Carrara marble features soft white or grey-white body stone with feathered, light-grey, linear veining. This subtler contrast brings a sense of calmness and unity, with the matching hues letting the stone seamlessly blend into a wide variety of different projects. Carrara marble’s gentle contrast makes it suitable for kitchens, cladding, tiles, and bathrooms.

Thassos Marble

Named after the Greek island in the Aegen Sea where it is proudly quarried, Thassos is considered the whitest marble on the market. For millennia, Thassos stone has been exported to decorate the most beautiful buildings in the world. Setting Thassos apart from other brilliant-white marbles is its fine grain that gives a finer sheen and smoother texture. 

White Marbles With Vein Effects That Make a Statement

Calacatta Gold

One of the most stunning marbles from the Apuan quarries is Calacatta Gold, also known as Calacatta Oro, the Italian word for gold. This marble shares the cotton white stone of traditional Calacatta but with bolder, more diverse veining that blooms at the edges. These veins run in streaks of grey, gold, honey, and amber tones that bring an extra feeling of decadence to a setting.

Calacatta Viola

Perhaps the most dramatically contrasting of all the white marbles, Calacatta Viola is characterised by its purple, red vein patterning punctuated with cells of white calcite marble. This marble goes great in kitchens with gold fittings and darker cabinetry with the contrasting stone serving as accent colours. With each slab of viola truly unique, opting for the marble is a guarantee for a truly one-of-a-kind finish.

Imperial White

Highly prized by the rich and powerful, Imperial White is a cream marble, underscored by long bands of grey, hazelnut veins with defining hints of rouge. A dolomite stone, Imperial White is one of the most durable marbles making it suitable for all purposes, including benchtops, vanities, and wall cladding where its regular diagonal marks will make a striking impression on anyone present.

Calacatta Crema Cream Marble

Giving a sense of warmth and splendour to a setting, Crema sets itself apart from other Calacatta marbles by its softer appearance that works especially well in kitchens.

The marble’s fawn and golden veining are surrounded by fields of ivory stone, giving the features space to breathe. This can be used to introduce a feeling of quiescence into living spaces when used as flooring, worktops, vanity counters, and more.

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