Imperial White Marble


3060 x 2060 x 18mm
Honed Finish
6.3 m2 per slab
135.42 m2 available
Batch/Serial No. #S504

$1200 per slab plus GST

A marble of renowned elegance, Imperial White is included in the classification of Dolomites. This stone has a beautiful white background with fine cream, hazelnut and pewter veins that recalls some of the most beautiful Tuscan marbles. The distinctive veining changes across the grading from regular diagonal patterns in premium grades to a mixture of colour and veining in the lower grades.

Beautiful as slabs for cladding internal walls or stairs this marble also looks spectacular as tiles on main floors and bathrooms.

RMS carry a wide range of Imperial White stone slabs and tiles. Seeking further information about Imperial White? Check out our latest blog post, 3 Reasons Why Imperial White is the Superior Stone.

Also known as Imperio White Marble, Imperial White Marble, Blanco Imperial White, Blanco Imperial White Marble, Ivory Imperial White Marble, Laverna

Discover the unparalleled radiance and exquisite charm of Imperial White Marble by downloading our PDF Flyer.

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3 Reasons Why Imperial White is the Superior Stone

Imperial White has a vast variety of reasons for being so popular. Here are our top 3 reasons for loving this remarkable, resilient natural stone.

Easy on the Eyes

The increase in popularity of Imperial White over the past few years is due to the luxurious aesthetic appeal and durability. Architects and Interior designers love this dolomite for its striking grey and beige diagonal vein composition. The veining in Imperial white can vary from thicker to thinner and the colour can range from grey, beige, brown and can also be ochre, wine or even violet (in less common blocks).

Imperial White also has a version that has more cloudy/flowery veining, almost looking similar to a Bianco Carrara. However, the diagonal veining is more sought after currently.

Imperial White is a Dolomite

This dolomite natural stone’s rich texture and hardness make it highly preferable to average marble. Imperial White performs much like a granite, which makes it vastly more desirable to over while natural stones similar in look.

Wide Variety of Applications

This stone goes by a variety of names, often depending on which of the ten quarries it comes out of. We find that Imperial White is the perfect name for this majestic, timeless natural stone. Home owners, Architects, and Interior designers use Imperial White in a variety of applications including kitchen benchtops, flooring, wall tiles, bathroom vanities, backsplashes, stairs, and more. Like all other natural stones, we recommend sealing Imperial White before and after installation. If you have any further questions about this material, please contact one of our experienced team members at: (02) 9316 9677.

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Cladding, External, Fireplaces, Kitchen Benchtops, Splash Back, Stairs, Vanity Tops, Wall & Floor Tiles, Wall & Floor Tiling


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