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RMS Marble is one of Australia’s oldest and most respected importers and distributors of Natural Stone Tiles, Slabs and accessories. We have a long history of choosing and importing top-quality marble products.

Stone is a natural building product that has been used throughout history in some of the most spectacular constructions that evoke wonderment today. Like the artisans of the past, these amazing constructions began with a careful selection process to find and transport the best materials to site.

RMS Marble continues the spirit of European traditions to source and supply stone that is suitable to the many and varied projects we work on.

Largest Range of Marble Floor & Wall Tiles in Sydney

Whether it is marble floor tiles to cover bathroom or main living room floors or marble wall tiles to enhance an ensuite or bathroom, RMS Marble has one of the largest ranges to choose from. If your search involves Marble Tiles Sydney then visiting RMS marble at our warehouse and showroom should be on the list of places to go. Here you will be able to browse through a selection of bathroom & kitchen stone slabs and tiles which include the classic stones as well as the more contemporary colours.  Whether the project is indoors or outdoors you will find a range of marble to suit most tastes.

Contact Us or Visit Our Sydney Showroom

Located near Sydney Airport RMS Marble has a large range of Stone tiles, Stone slabs and accessories that you can view in our showroom /warehouse.  Bring along your drawings and colour palette so we can help find the perfect stone products for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marbles have been used for centuries in many different applications and are still providing excellent service in both residential and commercial applications.  Choosing the right marble is important to provide both the aesthetic values and long-term functionality.  Not all marbles have the same strength or porosity so it is important to fit the marble to the application which may mean thicker stone or different finishes should be considered if colour is the main consideration.

Marble tiles can be used in various interior and outdoor settings in both residential and commercial properties. Marble tiles are often installed in kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, hallways, and externally as cladding.  Internally marble will retain its beauty for centuries however externally many marbles will fade over time. RMS can advise on the best materials for either internal or external applications.

Many of the most recognised historical buildings have used marble.  From the stunning European Churches to Eastern Mosques and buildings like the Taj Mahal, Marble has stood  the test of time.  Marbles are affected by strong acids and alkalis which may dull any polish or sheen so the key to using marble in the home is to only use neutral cleaners and good quality sealers.  When installed and maintained well marble will out-last many Australian homes.

Marble tiles can be cleaned with dish soap and warm water or proprietary neutral stone cleaners.  Heavy duty cleaning can be done with a range of commercial stone cleaners suited to the stain and situation.  Stone is also a versatile material that can be completely re-surfaced by stone professionals, restoring the stone to its original beauty   RMS can advise on the best options if you need to clean or restore your stone.

Most stains can be removed using a solution that includes hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia. Household detergent is also an option if you clean the stain immediately after you notice it.

Yes! Any crack or chip on marble tiles, floors or walls can easily be repaired or replaced. You don’t have to replace your entire flooring to restore the original look of your flooring or wall.