Nero Marquina Black Marble

Originally quarried in Markina, Spain, the Nero Marquina name is now used to refer to a variety of stones with a dark black background and thin white veins. The characteristics and performance of the stone will vary depending on where the stone is quarried. 

With striking white veining ranging from subtle through to dramatic lightning bolts on a deep black background, Nero Marquina Black Marble provides an immediate impact and is often paired with contrasting white marbles such as Bianco Carrara for classic chequerboard installations.

Nero Marquina can be used on floors while some versions are best suited to light traffic applications or walls. Vanities, benchtops and bathrooms are also popular applications of Nero Marquina Marble.

Uses for Nero Marquina Black Marble

There are very few marbles as visually impactful as Nero Marquina making it an in-demand stone. Thanks to its black base colour, Nero Marquina can be used alongside darker decor without interrupting a theme while working equally well as a contrasting material in bright, contemporary environments too.

As well as being visually impressive, Nero Marquina’s resilient properties make it highly versatile and used for a variety of purposes.

Kitchen Countertop

As a countertop, Nero Marquina works as a captivating focal point in the kitchen thanks to its contrasting flashes of white against bitumen-rich fields of black.

Contrary to popular belief, treated black marble will not stain or etch during daily use either if basic precautions are taken. Like most marble, the surface of Nero Marquina is surprisingly resilient to heat, unlike artificial materials that contain high levels of resin.

With an upsurge in darker-themed kitchen decor in recent years, Nero Marquina makes a perfect pairing for all kitchen spaces.

Marble Flooring

Laid as part of a pattern or in areas of light footfall, Nero Marquina is also perfect for a variety of flooring purposes where it has no trouble making a statement. Brought to a high gloss, the stone is considered one of the most visually impressive on the market.

Thanks to its fine-grained, crystalline structure, the marble’s inky black tones reflect light dynamically throughout the day. While Nero Marquina’s premium aesthetic has seen it utilized in some of the world’s most prestigious buildings, it also finds itself equally at home in homes that value quality materials.

Bathroom Marble Tiles

While black is not a traditional bathroom colour, contemporary decor now sees darker shades introduced to the setting. Alongside considered cabinetry and choice lighting, the sharp white veining of Nero Marquina bathroom tiles complements accompanying porcelain and adds a natural element to the space which can be particularly relaxing.

Modern usage sees the tiles used primarily as wall cladding when treated but for flooring for some projects.

Properties of Nero Marquina Black Marble

As one of the most striking black marbles, Nero Marquina has been purportedly used for luxury purposes since Roman times. Ever in style, this stone has remained popular thanks to its unique appearance and properties:

High-End Elegant Look

Inverting the tones of other premium marbles like Calacatta or Carrara, Nero Marquina’s grey-black fields and cracks of white defy traditional expectations while still bringing a real sense of luxury to a space.

The marble has been the pride of the Basque region of Northern Spain for millennia, quarried for its natural elegance. While other materials such as quartz try to imitate the look of Nero Marquina, only the original stone adds genuine high-end appeal to a setting.

Suitable for Internal and External Use

As a natural stone, Nero Marquina is resilient, strong, and durable making it suitable for use both within and without the home.

Within a property, the marble can be finished in a variety of styles with gloss and honed treatments being the most popular. Indoors the stone brings rich, dark tones to a space and is hardy enough for most purposes.

Outdoors, the stone also shines with mother nature producing a material capable of withstanding all of the elements. Once treated, the stone becomes resistant to even the worst conditions. As an exterior material, designers tend to finish Nero Marquina with a weathered texture such as honed or antique to add additional texture for grip and interest.

Other Types of Black Marble on the Market

While Nero Marquina is considered amongst the very best marbles in the world, there are other black marbles available. With a wide selection available, there’s a stone suitable for every project.

Noir Saint Laurent Marble

Quarried from the Southern borders of France, Noir Saint Laurent is another black marble that’s highly prized for a variety of purposes. Unlike Nero Marquina, Noir Saint Laurent exhibits an interweaving web of veins that vary in colour from gold and brown to red, pink, and off-white. It makes for a popular countertop material and has traditionally been used to exude a sense of luxury for installations like fountains.

Fossil Black Marble

Bringing a natural element into a space, Fossil Black marble is one of the most interesting materials to introduce into a home. The stone is primarily quarried in Morroco and features dark, bitumen stone with scattered fossilized shells throughout the surface. The marble never fails to fascinate people when used as a vanity table, coffee table piece, or sink.

Nero Dorato or Sahara Noir Marble

A natural work of art, Nero Dorato, otherwise known as Sahara Noir, is a charcoal-toned marble with sharp, delineated veins of copper-gold, and white. The marble is found within regions of Northern Africa, primarily Tunisia where it is quarried for use throughout the world. Revered for its rich bands of sandy gold veins as much as its deep, varying shades of black, the stone works well as a flooring tile, interior cladding, and countertop material.

Royal Black Marble

As its name suggests, Royal Black is a marble that elicits a sense of prestige, making a grand statement when showcased within a space. The stone resembles Nero Marquina in that it has strongly contrasting white veins set within a deep black base stone but has areas of parallel linear patterning that suit some settings more. The stone is quarried in Iran and exported worldwide for use as flooring and countertops especially.

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