Shangrila Marble

A stunning luxurious green marble with amazing shades of green veining. Perfect look as a feature wall, kitchen benchtops, wall cladding or bathrooms. For that extra special and eye-catching look Shangrila marble will complete the look with effortless grace.

The unique beauty of this marble is in its veining pattern, which creates an eye-catching and distinctive look that will elevate any space.

Its striking appearance adds character and depth to any interior design scheme. Shangrila marble is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a natural stone that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The green veining of this marble ranges from subtle to bold, giving it a unique character and personality. The varying shades of green make it a versatile stone that can complement any interior colour scheme, from neutral to bold.

Shangrila marble is available in slabs, tiles, or cut-to-size options, making it easy to incorporate into any design project. Whether you’re looking for a stunning kitchen countertop or a unique bathroom feature wall, Shangrila marble is a perfect choice. With its effortless grace and luxurious appearance, this marble is sure to become a centerpiece of any interior design project.

Available in slabs, tiles or cut to size to suit all interior design.

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Shangrila Marble Flyer Image - RMS Natural Stone and Ceramics



Stone Type


Available In

Cut-to-Size Format, Slabs, Tiles

Tile Size

610 x 610 x 10mm

Slab Size

2860 x 1770 x 18mm