Pietra Grey Marble


Brushed Finish
600 x 600 x 15mm
28.8 m2 available
Batch/Serial No. #BTA
$60 per m2 plus GST

Honed Finish
Various sizes
Good for vanities and small areas.
Some slabs have imperfections.
Batch/Serial No. #RMS, S475 and S441
$85 per m2 plus GST

Pietra Grey Marble is a natural stone renowned for its bold, sophisticated appearance. It is characterised by its deep grey background, elegantly contrasted with white veining, which adds dramatic flair and visual interest to any space. This marble comes in both tiles and slabs, catering to a variety of design needs and applications.

The tiles are finished with a brushed texture, which softly highlights the natural patterns of the stone while providing a more tactile surface. This finish adds a subtle rustic touch, enhancing the stone’s inherent character and depth. The brushed tiles are perfect for areas where a slip-resistant or more textured finish is desired, offering both beauty and practicality.

The slabs are a honed finish, which beautifully showcases Pietra Grey’s rich hues and intricate veining. The honed finish is elegant and understated and great for vanities and smaller areas.

Stone Type


Available In

Slabs, Tiles




Brushed, Honed

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