Mint Square 100 Honed

Mint Square 100 Honed Tiles offer a serene and refreshing touch to your spaces, showcasing a gentle light mint green hue complimented by a backdrop of white crystal. With their honed finish, these tiles exude sophistication, making them an ideal choice for both floors and walls. Whether you’re envisioning a revitalized bathroom, a renewed kitchen, or any area seeking a gentle yet elegant aesthetic, Mint Square 100 Honed Tiles seamlessly blend style with substance. Embrace the calming allure of these tiles, where the exquisite colour palette harmonizes with the timeless charm of honed surfaces.

Making them an ideal choice for both floors and walls, these versatile tiles provide a durable yet beautiful surface that withstands the test of time. Whether for a spa-like bathroom, a vibrant kitchen, or an area desiring subtle elegance, these tiles adeptly enhance your vision.

Stone Type