Fossil Green Marble


2930 x 1800 x 20mm
Polished Finish
5.274 m2 per slab
10.548 m2 available
Batch/Serial No. #RMS-2020

$1,000 per slab plus GST

Fossil Green Marble, with its unique blend of green and grey hues together with ancient fossil patterns, showcases versatility for use in kitchen benchtops, wall and floor tiles, bathroom vanities, and feature walls. Its beauty and aesthetic appeal are undeniable, flowing seamlessly into various interior design applications and creating a statement of elegance.

Fossil Green Marble is a stunning natural stone characterized by an attractive blend of greys and greens, mottled with fascinating fossilized patterns. Its appeal lies in the tranquil vibe created by the combination of these grey/greens, which suits every interior design style with the promise of making a chic statement.
Anyone designing with Fossil Green Marble will immediately appreciate its versatility because it has a natural and simultaneous association with many materials and finishes – making it easy to work with this natural wonder and achieve a flawless, stylish environment. For example, combining these slabs with wooden cabinets brings a warm, organic quality – merging the cool tones of the marble with the welcoming warmth of wood. Such a balance is perfect for designers in search of a cozy yet elevated interior, where stylish wood breaks up the sea of streamlined, modern milk tones.

Equally beautiful, Fossil Green Marble’s myriad of colour and texture provides wonderful new contexts that look amazing with fittings in both chrome and brass, though with vastly different visual experiences. Here, chrome fittings provide a sleek modern contrast to the natural lines of these slabs – altogether a much more cosmopolitan vista, with minimalist lines creating an open, airy design style, minus the endless distracting indulgences.

Brass fittings, meanwhile, work to bring up the warmth in the green/greys of the marble; bringing with them an aura of vintage elegance – if not flair and sophistication. This is the ultimate combination for those atmospheres designed to be classic and timeless; where the lustrous quality just waiting to be unleashed from the marble can be made to shine as if by magic, thanks to the subtle, flattering gleam of brass.

Also known as Fossil Green/Grey Marble

Stone Type


Available In

Cut-to-Size Format, Slabs, Tiles


Grey, Colourful


Cladding, Kitchen Benchtops, Stairs, Vanity Tops, Wall & Floor Tiles

Slab Size

2930 x 1800 x 20mm

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