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Marble Kitchen Floor Tiles

Beautiful, elegant, and unique, marble flooring is still the go-to choice for design-conscious homeowners looking to transform their living space. Despite a plethora of flooring options now available on the market, people still reach for marble flooring as it represents unassuming quality and style.

Thanks to its crystalline structure, marble floor tiles are also capable of withstanding daily use, even in high-traffic areas. This unique blend of form and function means you will find marble flooring in structures thousands of years old to contemporary households.

Take a look at RMS Marble’s wide range of tiles and slabs to see how marble flooring can transform your own kitchen, hallway, or living area.

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Designing Your Marble Flooring

When designing your perfect marble floor, it’s important to consider the following:

Choosing the Right Type of Marble

The different types of marbles have different characteristics and this may influence the recommended thickness of the tiles in different situations.  The same marble o a wall in 10mm thickness may not be suitable for outside application on floors or stairs.

Marble varieties with deep fissures and cracked veining are more susceptible to breaking under heavy weight or in  busy traffic areas. Be sure to consider what furniture and appliances will accompany your space and where heavy loads are found thicker stone is recommended.

There are also a host of sub-categories within each type of marble. Contact RMS Marble to help narrow down your search.

Colour and Veining

All marble is created by limestone and minerals fusing together under extreme heat and pressure. Depending on the geological conditions and minerals present this gives different types of marble their unique appearance in terms of colour and veining.

Calacatta, for example, is a premium white marble with subtler veining whereas Nero Marquina is a deep black marble with striking white veins.

Consider your existing decor and aesthetic goals to determine which colour and veining density is right for your flooring.

Choosing the Right Finish

Marble flooring is typically either polished, honed or antiqued, accentuating different qualities of marble.

Polished flooring adds contrast to marble floor tiles, helping to bring out colours and vein patterning. This is a popular choice for commercial spaces and contemporary homes looking to add impact.

Honed flooring gives the marble a subtle, natural appearance and is less reflective, which is ideal for kitchens. Honed marble tiles are also scratch-resistant as marks are less visible and adds grip underfoot.

Antiqued finish tiles add a rustic finish and are ideal for courtyards, laundries and are making there way more often into our kitchens and bathrooms.

Integrating Marble into Your Flooring Design

Integrating marble flooring into your home or commercial space means considering some practical aspects, too, including the removal and disposal of your existing floor.

Consider the amount of floor space you will be covering and the size of the tile in your space. The most popular marble floor tiles sizes include 600x300mm, 600x600mm, and 600x1200mm.

Large tiles are ideal for bigger spaces with marble that expresses detailed veining. This helps prevent mismatched patterns and is preferred by commercial spaces. Most homes can make use of smaller, thinner cut tiles as foot traffic will be considerably less.

Popular Types of Marble to Use for Flooring

There are many different varieties of marbles and their popularity ebbs and flows with home trends.  Creams and beige marbles were popular many years ago and are making a resurgence with designers.  Grey tones have been popular for a while and white marbles have always been in style. Black marbles work well in certain places within the house and a variety of new dark marbles in textured finishes are making inroads.

The Benefits of Marble Flooring in the Kitchen:


Marble floor tiles are as durable as they are elegant. While consideration should be taken to avoid placing heavy objects on tiles with deep fissures, most marble floor tiles can withstand a great deal of wear and tear.

Properly sealed and maintained, marble floor tiles are also stain and scratch resistant. This means marble flooring is suitable in kitchens, living spaces, and even high-traffic spaces like hallways.

Beauty and Style

While marble is a natural stone, the number of colour and pattern choices rivals that of synthetic options. Colours range from pure whites, exotic pinks, and warm greens to rich browns and deep blacks.

Whatever your decor, there will be a marble option that compliments your existing features. Others choose to base their styling choices around their marble flooring, incorporating design choices to accentuate the natural stone.

Resale Value

Choosing a marble floor can also add value to your home. As a natural material, marble does not fade or suffer the same problems as other floor tiles. This means marble flooring is seen as an appreciating investment that potential buyers see as a real selling point.


The durability and visual splendour of marble floor tiles are also enhanced by their versatility. Floor tiles can be matched and paired with accompanying wall cladding, benchtops, surrounds, and more. Flooring can be a standout feature or seamlessly integrated into your decor.

Browse RMS Marble’s flooring selection today to explore your options and transform your own space.