Honey Onyx Marble

Honey Onyx holds a soothing blend of golden hues that seem to shimmer and dance in place. Reminiscent of liquid honey cascading down a creamy white stone, Honey Onyx excites the senses, in a rare display of beauty and elegance.

The luxurious look and feel of Honey Onyx, along with its light hues and tones make it the perfect stone for adding both depth and warmth to any interior. Elegant finishings, ranging from Onyx bathroom benchtops to show-stopping backlit onyx stone features, will add a dazzling sophistication to the home.

A stone that is not unlike the first glowing rays of the morning sun, Honey Onyx adds a warm glow to interior spaces, lighting them up as a featured attraction.

How Honey Onyx Marble Is Formed

Honey Onyx is comprised of banded calcite deposits found in freshwater. Over thousands of years, these deposits fuse together and crystalize in caves, areas of volcanic rock, and within fractured limestone.

The distinctive colour of Honey Onyx is caused by high concentrations of iron oxide in the water tinting the calcite warming, golden hues.

When a piece of onyx is quarried, sliced, and polished, the pattern revealed is thanks to these flows of water and impurities that mean no two slabs are ever the same. Each piece of onyx, then, tells a completely unique story with the marking telling an enchanting story of time and change.

Properties of Honey Onyx Marble:

Rare Semi-precious Stones

Due to its dynamic texture and reflectivity, Honey Onyx is considered one of the most impressive semi-precious stones in the world. When delicately cut and highly polished, the stone’s patterned veining and exquisite bubbled features mean it finds itself used in a wide range of applications, including jewellery and luxury bathroom suites,

Onyx is Durable

Despite its precious nature, Honey Onyx is a surprisingly durable material, suitable for cladding walls, flooring and more. As a cousin of marble, it possesses many of the same properties while also being non-porous. 

Prepared by expert stoneworkers, this makes Honey Onyx resistant to stains as well as scratches with a high-quality resin used to reinforce and fill micro-fractures in the deposit layers.

How Honey Onyx Marble Is Used:

Kitchen Benchtop

As a benchtop, Honey Onyx brings wholesome natural warmth and lightness to a kitchen. With tones of orange, the stone acts as a dramatic centrepiece when used as a kitchen island.

Bathroom Vanity

Combined with a golden oak plinth or similar, Honey Onyx can help give a bathroom space a sense of opulence. Mirrors and reflected light help bring out the best in Honey Onyx with the defined caramel and gold layers given pride of place.

Flooring & Wall Statement Piece

While there’s no mistaking the aesthetic of Honey Onyx for anything but a semi-precious stone, its impervious nature and resilient finish mean it is perfect as a stylish flooring material or a statement piece on a wall.

Use With a Backlit Wall

As the stone is semi-translucent, thinner cuts of Honey Onyx marble will allow light to permeate through. When backlit, this creates a truly wondrous effect as the veins, markings, and features of the stone are brought into sharp focus with the light taking on a warmth of its own.

Commercial Spaces

You can find Honey Onyx marble used extensively, therefore, in some of the world’s most exclusive hotels, casinos, commercial properties, and luxury buildings. The stone is durable enough to handle the wear and tear of heavy use without compromising on style.

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