XStone P.E.3 SAND Chemical Sandblaster

XStone P.E.3 SAND is a cutting-edge acid-based chemical sandblaster, specially designed to enhance marble and other calcium-rich stones. This product easily imparts a distinctive orange peel texture to stone surfaces, increasing both depth and visual appeal. XStone P.E.3 SAND is perfect for design and restoration projects, as it allows for adjustable porosity depths that can be fine-tuned according to the stone type and the length of application.

Key Features:

  • Acid-Based: Designed for calcium-rich stones.
  • Surface Correction: Smooths and beautifies surfaces.
  • Customizable Texture: Achieve sandblasted or orange peel effects.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for various stone types.
  • Easy Alternative: A simple substitute for mechanical finishing.

Download P.E.3 SAND Safety Data Sheet
Download P.E.3 SAND Technical Data Sheet


• Marble
• Calcium based stones


• Flooring
• Stairs
• Slabs


Shake Before Use: Ensure thorough mixing of the product before application.

Suitable for Open Workspaces Only: Use P.E.3 SAND in well-ventilated areas.

Preparation: Apply the product on clean and dry surfaces.

Uniform Application: Pour P.E.3 SAND evenly onto the surface using a plastic watering can.

Observing Reaction: Expect an effervescent reaction resulting in foam formation.

Reaction Time: Allow the product to react for 2-5 minutes until the foam subsides.

Prevent Drying: Do not allow the product to dry on the surface.

Rinsing: Rinse the treated area with ample water.

Optional: Repeat the process for a rougher effect if desired.