XStone T3.02H Water Repellent

XStone T3.02H is an exceptional water-repellent treatment formulated specifically for all types of surfaces. This innovative solution provides protection against absorption stains and is effective against rain, dampness and mould, without altering the colour of the treated surfaces.

XStone T3.02H treatment is water-based which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. This formulation ensures easy application and facilitates complete absorption into the surface, resulting in long-lasting protection.  It does not modify the colour of the treated surfaces, allowing their natural beauty to remain unchanged.

T3.02H water repellent can be purchased in either a 1 litre or 5 litre size.

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• Marble
• Granite
• Natural Stone
• Beton
• Terracotta
• Brick
• Tufee


• Floorings
• Stairs
• Coverings
• Facades
• Window Sills


• Water based
• It does not change the colour of the surface
• It gives the surface a natural effect
• It leaves no residue on the surface
• Prevents the formation of absorption stains
• Limits problems caused by rain, damp and mould
• Water-repellent with complete absorption
• Ideal for all surfaces and finishes
• Easy to apply
• It does not turn yellow over time
• Please note that it does not protect against acid substances


Ready to use product.
On clean and dry surfaces apply T3.02H spread it uniformly with a brush making cross coats or spraying it with nebulizer. Depending on the absorbment of the surface apply the second coat just after the first.


Approximate coverage: 1L x 5-6m2.
Depending on the surface to be treated.