Opera Limestone

Opera Limestone, characterised by its dense, soothing grey tones, stands as a versatile limestone that seamlessly compliments both indoor and outdoor spaces. This limestone is well-suited for various applications, making it an ideal choice for a multitude of design projects.

Whether it’s wall and floor tiles, kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, striking feature walls, splashback installations, or even exterior cladding, Opera Limestone excels in enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of various settings. Its enduring appeal and durability make it a reliable option for adding sophistication to any space. Explore the possibilities with Opera Limestone and elevate your design vision.

Stone Type


Available In

Tiles, Pavers, Steps




Cladding, Kitchen Benchtops, Stairs, Vanity Tops, Wall & Floor Tiles

Also Know As

Opera Grey, Opera Grigio, Opera Limestone, Opera Marble, Opera Grigio Limestone, Opera Outdoor Paver, Opera External Paver