Gohera Limestone


600 x 300 x 12mm
Honed Finish
171.54 m2 available
Batch/Serial No. #S510

$50 per m2 plus GST

Gohera limestone is a popular building material known for its durability, neutral colours, and versatility. Originating from Iran, this limestone is favoured in both residential and commercial construction projects around the world.


Colour:  Gohera limestone has a warm, beige to light brown colour, making it a versatile choice for various design aesthetics. Its uniform colour and minimal pattern give it a clean, sophisticated look.

Durability:  It is known for its strength and durability, making it suitable for high-traffic areas. It is resistant to wear and tear, which contributes to its popularity for flooring, wall cladding.

Versatility:  Due to its neutral colour palette, it can complement a wide range of interior and exterior designs. It’s used in floors, walls, bathrooms – highly recommended the product is pre-sealed using XStone T3.04 Damp, as well as in commercial buildings for a luxurious appeal.

Finish Options: Gohera limestone can be finished in multiple ways, including polished, honed, brushed, and sandblasted, each offering a different aesthetic and texture to suit various design preferences.


Due to its characteristics, Gohera limestone is used in a variety of applications:

Flooring: Its durability makes it ideal for floors in homes, offices, and public buildings.


Gohera limestone requires regular maintenance to preserve its appearance and longevity. Sealing with a hydro repellent such as  XStone T3.04 DAMP or T3.02 depending on application is recommended to aid in protection against stains and moisture. Cleaning with pH-neutral cleaners such as XStone C1 .07 can prevent damage to the stone’s surface.

Stone Type



Beige, Grey

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