Emotion Wonder Porcelain Slab

size 3200 x 1600 mm
thickness 6.5 mm 
finish Polished 
made in Italy
pattern Book match pattern


  • Internal and external use
  • Wet areas
  • Benchtops
  • Vanities
  • Splashbacks
  • Feature Walls


Emotion Wonder Porcelain Slabs, are a captivating Italian-made surface solution that brings the intricate artistry of nature into your home or commercial space. Each slab is a symphony of deep, enchanting blues and greys, interlaced with riveting patterns that mirror the complex beauty of geological formations. The design radiates from the center, where a lighter, almost crystalline feature acts as a focal point, drawing the eye to the heart of the stone’s story.

Patterns of dark branching lines and mineral-like infusions sprawl across the surface, suggesting an aerial view of a rugged landscape. Flecks of white and subtle touches of gold add a luxurious dimension to the slab, evoking the random beauty of natural stone.

Perfect for creating a dramatic statement in both residential and commercial settings, these slabs are designed to be the centerpiece of any room, transforming benchtops, walls, and floors into canvases of natural art. Made in Italy, Emotion Wonder is an embodiment of elegance and practicality, ensuring your space is timeless yet contemporary.

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