XStone T3.45 Wet Effect Enhancer for Antique Surfaces

XStone T3.45 Wet-Effect Treatment, specifically formulated to enrich the natural beauty of antique surfaces like Marble, Granite, Natural Stone, and Cobblestones. This premium solution deepens colours and enhances textures, providing a stunning wet-look finish ideal for various finishes including flamed, antique, coated, rough, split, and sandblasted. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications such as flooring, stairs, kitchen and bathroom benchtops, tables, and window sills, XStone T3.45 is easy to apply, making it perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals seeking to highlight the unique features of stone surfaces with lasting beauty.

Key features of include:

  • Deepens colours
  • Enhances textures
  • Ideal for flamed, antique, and other unique finishes
  • Works on Marble, Granite, Natural stone, Cobblestones
  • Suitable for flooring, stairs, coverings, benchtops, tables, window sills
  • Creates a vibrant wet-look
  • Easy to apply
  • Perfect for antique surfaces

Download T3.45 Safety Data Sheet
Download T3.45 Technical Data Sheet



• Marble
• Granite
• Natural stone
• Cobbles


• Flooring
• Coverings
• Stairs
• Kitchen Benchtops
• Bathroom Benchtop
• Tables
• Window Sills


Shake well before use.

Product is ready for immediate application.

Ensure surfaces are clean and dry.

Apply T3.45 evenly using a brush in crosshatch patterns or spray with a nebulizer.

For varied absorbency, apply a second coat immediately after the first if needed.

Light residue on low-absorbency surfaces can be removed with a microfiber cloth or a white pad, similar to Scotch-Brite.