XStone SR.OXIDE and SR.KOLOR PLUS Gel Stain Removers

XStone SR.OXIDE and SR.KOLOR PLUS gel stain removers are a powerful combination that effectively removes tough stains. XStone SR.OXIDE removes ferrous oxidations on delicate surfaces, including rust stains on white marbles and yellow stains from laying materials, without any acids. SR.KOLOR PLUS Professional use stain remover removes organic colour stains on surfaces and in absorption, including dampness or moisture stains.

Together, these products offer a comprehensive stain removal solution that is effective.  This duo is ideal for maintaining pristine conditions in both residential and commercial settings, ensuring that surfaces remain clean, vibrant, and free of unsightly stains.

Key features:

  • Gel stain remover.
  • Acid-free formula.
  • Effective on rust stains, suitable for delicate surfaces and white marble.
  • Removes yellow stains caused by material absorption.
  • Ideal for vertical applications.
  • User-friendly.


Download XStone SR.OXIDE and SR.KOLOR PLUS Safety Data Sheet
Download XStone SR.OXIDE and SR.KOLOR PLUS Technical Data Sheet


• Marble
• Natural Stone
• Benton
• Stoneware
• Ceramics


• Slabs
• Floorings
• Stairs
• Coverings


• Gel stain remover
• Contains no acids
• Removes rust stains on delicate surfaces
• Removes rust stains on white marbles
• Removes yellow stains from absorption of laying materials
• Ideal for vertical application
• Easy to use


Ready to use product
Pour SR.OXIDE onto the surface. Let it react for 5-10 minutes until the stain will become of purple colour. Clean with a absorbent paper.
Pour SR.KOLOR-PLUS onto the stain and cover it well. Let it react for 30-40 minutes. At the end clean with a wet sponge or absorbent paper. Rinse.


Depending on the surface to be cleaned