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Kitchen Marble

Choosing real marble for your kitchen means introducing a high-end, natural material without compromising on durability.

Marble is prized for its elegant hues and unmistakable veining, transforming both commercial and domestic kitchens into something special.

And, with marble forged by mother nature herself, each and every slab is genuinely unique. This means whether used as a countertop, island, splashback, flooring, or more, adding marble to your kitchen makes it truly special.

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RMS Marble: Sydney Kitchen Marble Suppliers

With over 30 years of experience importing and supplying natural stone, RMS Marble is one of the leading marble specialists in Australia.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your existing countertops or design your dream kitchen from scratch, RMS Marble can help.

Get in touch with us today to see how marble can elevate your kitchen setting. We can help you choose your perfect marble and finish.

Marble Kitchen Benchtops

As a benchtop, marble provides both function and style. Solid marble countertops are naturally heat resistant and, once treated, prove surprisingly resistant to scratches, stains, and marking; ideal for a busy kitchen.

With a huge variety of colours and pattern variations, there’s a marble for every taste. Whatever the decor of your kitchen, there is a natural marble countertop ideally suited for your design.

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Kitchen Stone Tiles Floor

Marble Kitchen Floor Tiles

Tiled and finished, marble is perhaps the ultimate kitchen flooring surface. With a glossy finish, marble shines, or in a honed or even tumbled finish marble can be contemporary or rustic..

As a natural stones patterns, colours and veining goes all the way through the stone, even after years of wear your stone exhibits the same natural design and can easily be cleaned and restored to a new finish – the perfect way to refresh your home or prepare for sale..

Marble Kitchen Splashbacks

As a Splashback, marble can be used to echo flooring or countertops choices. This gives a kitchen a greater sense of space and allows the marble to be appreciated on the vertical plane.

Marble splashbacks can be installed as a tile or as a single slab. As a dense material, marble is also wipe-clean and won’t stain once properly treated. And maintained.

Kitchen Stone Tiles Kitchen Splashback
Black Q Quartzite Kitchen Island - RMS Natural Stone and Ceramics

Marble Kitchen Islands

A marble kitchen island makes a lasting impression on guests and is considered a real showpiece. Given space to breathe, islands help show off marble’s unblemished surfaces, precious colours, and patterning with natural and overhead lighting adding to the effect.

RMS Marble can advise on the various finishes and edge profiles that will suit your Island.  This creates the perfect surface for friends and family to gather around to cook, eat, talk, work, and play.

From the Quarry to Our Sydney Showroom

Natural stone sourced from quarries in Italy, Spain and other carefully selected countries delivered straight to our Sydney showroom & warehouse.

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The Most Popular Marbles Used in the Kitchen:


Carrara marble is a beautiful, chic-looking natural stone that can work in both modern, sleek kitchens as well as classic settings when used in a honed finish.

The marble is distinguished by its clean white base colour interspersed with soft grey diagonal veins. This makes the surface detailed and characterful without undermining a clean aesthetic.

Carrara is most often found in the kitchen as a countertop but makes for an exquisite flooring choice and matched splashback.

Crema Marfil

Many designers and homeowners opt for Crema Marfil marble to create a homely atmosphere in the kitchen, with reflected light taking on a warming tone.

It features a softer cream base tone that works well with natural cabinetry and copper or brass. Alongside its subtle, cloud-like veining throughout, this instils a feeling of calm in the kitchen.

The stone is highly popular as a flooring choice but is also used extensively for surfacing and walls.

The Advantages of Marble Kitchens:


Natural stone has been used throughout time as a durable work surface in kitchens.  The natural patina that occurs over time often adds o the stone’s characteristic charm..

In our modern homes where we value a clean and modern feel, sealed and treated marble is capable of withstanding daily usage. As marble slabs contain no resin, they are capable of withstanding high temperatures without issue.

Under everyday use, marble also proves to be an extremely hardy material. Properly finished, marble is resilient to scratches, stains, and microbial growth.

Beauty and Style

While quartz and synthetic materials try to replicate marble, there’s nothing quite like the real thing.

Genuine marble exhibits unique, natural patterns in colours that naturally complement one another. Designed by nature, marble is effortlessly stylish and can bring character and charm into the heart of the home.

And, in choosing marble, you are guaranteeing that each tile and slab is one-of-a-kind, with this rarity only adding to its beauty.

Resale Value

Installing natural marble in your kitchen is also a surefire way to add value to your home. Stone countertops, especially, are a real selling point for homes and are something many potential buyers are interested in.


Marble can be finished in a variety of ways. These can add additional texture or shine to suit your decor and purpose. Popular choices include gloss, honed, and tumbled marble. 

Colour-wise, marble is unrivalled by other natural stone choices. Contemporary kitchens are spoiled for choice, with options like Statuario and Calacatta giving a sleek finish. For bolder designs, marbles such as Viola add drama and colour to the kitchen with a brecciated, detailed veining.

Designing Your Marble Kitchen:

Choosing the Right Type of Marble

When choosing a marble, the primary consideration should be the type of marble you select.

All marbles are surprisingly durable, having been forged by intense natural processes. Some marbles are considered more durable than others, however. Carrara, for instance, is thought of as a particularly durable marble, having stood the test of time.

Colour and Veining

Marbles are typically categorised by their colouring and veining. Consider whether you are looking for a clean-looking stone surface or want something with a more dynamic pattern.

Fortunately, there is a marble variety to suit all tastes, with colours ranging from the pure white of Calacatta to the Jupiter-like exotics hues of Brown Onyx. Veining ranges from soft and subtle to thick, cracked, and webbed.

Choosing the Right Finish

You will also need to consider the finish of your marble.  A high gloss polish deepens and intensifies the pattern and colour of a marble, while honing the surface reduces the reflection.

For a more natural look, a honed finish can add texture to a countertop and grip as a floor tile. This will reduce the reflectivity and make the marble more resistant to marks.

Leathered finishes add a textural element and work well on some marbles where different hardness within the stone will showcase the indented relief from the leathering process.

You should also consider the cut direction of your marble. While less common, a slab cut across veining will give a striped appearance that can look particularly modern.

Integrating Marble into Your Kitchen Design

Before choosing a marble, consider the overall aesthetic of your kitchen design. Are you looking for a marble showstopper? Or do you want the marble to blend seamlessly into your kitchen? Consider your cabinets and fittings and what colour marble would integrate well with them.

You should also look at the size of your kitchen space. Lighter marbles with less veining can help open up a setting, while a warmer, richer stone can help make larger spaces feel intimate.

For more help, talk to RMS Marble today, where one of our team can help you choose the perfect marble.