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Marble Splashbacks

Opting for a marble splashback is the perfect way of introducing natural stone to your kitchen. Whether accompanied by a matching benchtop or installed as a standalone feature, marble splashbacks bring luxury to the heart of the home.

This sweeping, vertical alignment allows the king of kitchen materials to be fully appreciated. Installed as a splashback, real marble adds an air of elegance and timeless quality to both contemporary and classic kitchens.

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The Benefits of Marble Splashbacks in the Kitchen:


Marble has been used extensively throughout history in food preparation areas. Installed as a splashback, marble is especially durable and will last indefinitely with minimal fading or degeneration.

Marble is formed by a limestone crystallisation process that involves immense pressure and heat. Once sealed, marble splashbacks are highly resistant to staining and marks, provided they are maintained correctly. And, as a vertical installation, marble splashbacks see very little wear and tear.

Beauty and Style

Despite the advances in engineered stone solutions, real marble still stands unrivalled in terms of visual appeal. Whatever variety of marble splashback you opt for, the natural stone has a depth of colour and natural irregularity that other material lack.

This makes marble splashbacks an endless source of interest and fascination in your kitchen. Whether your decor is bright and contemporary or classic and rustic, marble fits right in with a polished or honed finish.

Resale Value

Marble is an instant hit with visitors to your home and gives your kitchen an air of class. It can be used to accompany any kind of benchtop but will complement marble counters exceptionally well. While estimates vary, adding marble to your home as a splashback, flooring, benchtop, and more can increase its value by up to 10%. 


Marble splashbacks are a great way to add diversity to your kitchen, with marble being an especially versatile material. Consider extending the same choice of marble from countertop to splashback to create a sense of expanse in your kitchen, with white and light-grey choices working particularly well. Or, look for a contrasting-toned marble with complimenting veining colours to create interest.

Designing Your Marble Kitchen Splashback:

Choosing the Right Type of Marble

It’s important to choose marble that fits with your existing decor or final design.

As a splashback, marble will not be subject to much risk of scratches and etching as it will rarely be in direct contact with kitchenware. This means you can select from a greater range of marbles and should primarily base your choice on appearance.

Colour and Veining

If you’re opting for a modern, contemporary finish, clean white or dark marbles with less veining help create the right effect. For a lavish, luxurious-style marble splashback, look for more unusual choices that exhibit greens, pinks, and reds. And, for a classic, homely feel, look for marble such as Crema Marfil that can be used to add a sense of warmth.

Ask yourself what type of veining would work well in your space: subtle, punctuated, or heavily veined. Unlike horizontal installations such as flooring or a benchtop, a marble splashback presents the natural design square on. This means heavily veined stone will be especially noticeable.

Choosing the Right Finish

Marble splashbacks are typically finished in a honed or polished finish.

Honed marble splashbacks add a more rustic feel to a kitchen and will not reflect as much light. This finish will give marble a more natural appearance and reduce the contrast between mineral veining and base stone.

Polished marble is brought to a high shine that has remarkable reflectivity. In a kitchen, this can greatly increase the incidental light in a room, making kitchens look especially bright and airy. For highly detailed marbles, a polished finish will enhance the contrast between veins and base.

Integrating Marble into Your Kitchen Splashback Design

Consider whether you want to install your marble splashback as an uninterrupted slab or as tiles.

Tiles are generally easier to install and allow for a more flexible layout when necessary. Difficulties can occur, however, in matching the natural pattern of marble with some varieties.

In contemporary spaces, a large, unbroken slab of marble works well as a splashback. In most kitchens, a thinner slab is chosen and allows the natural pattern of marble to remain intact.

Finding the Perfect Marble For Your Kitchen Splashback

  • Calacatta Marble: Calacatta is considered a luxury marble. Calacatta is used by designers and quality-conscious homeowners to elevate a kitchen with its pristine white fields and more striking grey veining.
  • Carrara Extra Marble: Carrara is another great choice for a kitchen splashback and is more affordable than Calacatta, though still a premium choice. It is prized for its unblemished white fields and subtler veining.
  • Statuario Marble: Statuario is one of the most precious types of marble, distinguished for its rarity and unique veining pattern. Exhibiting a white to light grey base colour with webbed vein punctuations, Statuario splashbacks are often accompanied by matching flooring and benchtops.
  • Simba Marble: For a more neutral tone,Simba Marble has a clean crisp finish with subtle veining that sits perfectly with darker joinery.  The Quartzitic Marble is easy to clean and maintain yet adds elegance and openness to the kitchen space.

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