Where To Use Bianco Carrara White Marble in Your Home

With a white and grey colour profile, Bianco Carrara Marble is one of the most uniform and consistent marbles on the market, adding elegance and class to any commercial or residential space.

Highly versatile, Bianco Carrara is suitable for kitchen benchtops, wall and floor tiling, and more, finished in a polished or honed style. Polished Bianco Carrara marble is one of the most popular ways to add a bit of glamour and an upscale feel to a living space.

Like all other white natural stone products, Bianco Carrara marble will benefit from sealing. Sealing stone allows you to maintain the look more easily, keeping the elegant look of the marble. The beauty and unique look of this white marble cannot be overstated and makes the stone well worth the very small effort involved in sealing and cleaning. 

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Kitchen Benchtops

As the heart of the home, the kitchen deserves only the very best in terms of materials. Bianco Carrara is an ideal choice to uplift your kitchen, providing a sense of elegance thanks to its soft, smoke-like veining
set against pristine white fields.

Bianco Carrara is also a fully functional surface. The marble is easy to maintain, heat resistant, and can withstand day-to-day use once sealed.

Bianco Carrara Bathroom

Image: Greg Natale Design

Bianco Carrara Throughout the Bathroom

Whether used as wall panels, shower walls, tiles or vanity tops, Bianco Carrara looks great in a bathroom setting. Cut in varying sizes, slabs or tiles of this white marble can give a feeling of clarity, purity, and freshness.

Unlike plain ceramic materials though, Bianco Carrara’s subtle patterning adds interest and beauty to the bathroom too, perfect for long soaks in the bath.

Bianco Carrara Steps

Floor Tiles and Staircases

White marble has been a prized flooring material for millennia. Bianco Carrara is ranked highly among white marbles for providing just the right amount of veining for flooring use. While each section of Bianco Carrara features exquisite detail, it’s subtle veining allows it to blend in better than some other stones.

This makes it highly desirable as a floor tile or used for staircases in slab form. Throughout the world, Bianco Carrara has been used in top hotels, luxury properties and residential homes as a glamorous choice for flooring.

Feature Walls

Each and every slab of Bianco Carrara is truly unique displaying intricate detail and understated patterns. Underscored by the white base stone, this provides a sophisticated aesthetic that makes it ideally suited for feature wall use.

Bookmatched, tiled, or accented, Bianco Carrara is a guaranteed way to add style to your living space. The unobtrusive patterning complements almost any decor and helps elevate features in your space.

Carrara Marble Cleaning Tips

Bianco Carrara marble should be regularly cleaned with neutral PH stone cleaners and a microfiber cloth.

Use cutting boards to keep acidic items such as lemon and citric foods off the marble as repeated exposure to the acid in these fruits can etch the surface of the marble.  If this does occur there are fine cleaning pastes that can mitigate the change in reflectivity.

Other Types of White Marbles Similar to Bianco Carrara White Marble That Make a Statement

Calacatta Marble

Originating from Tuscany, Italy, Calacatta is another highly versatile marble. It is one of the most valuable marbles available and is used by the world’s most exclusive properties to add a sense of luxury.

Unlike Bianco Carrara, Calacatta has bolder veins that can span entire slabs in long, silvery grey streaks. This is a bolder statement piece with dramatic interruptions that form a great feature wall or vanity top.

Statuario Marble

Another high-quality marble quarried in Italy, Statuario is a marble that is famed for its internal variations. Each slab of Statuario features large white fields with diverse, feathered veining. Less dramatic than Calacatta, Statuario is a good choice for large flooring areas and seamless countertops where the bloomed veining gives a smoother appearance.