Discover 6 Variations Of Italian Travertine

Travertine is all around us, in fact, you see this material everyday without even realizing it. Whether your next project is an outdoor pool area or a massive shopping centre in the suburbs, this stone is rich in history, allure, and character. Italian Travertine comes in various cuts (cross-cut and vein-cut) as well as colours: Bianco Navona, Alabastrino, Paglierino, Noce, Titanium and Striato Silver Travertine. The images below are of a recent vein-cut Paglierino project that we were a part of.

Paglierino Italian Travertine

Paglierino is a light creamy beige Travertine quarried in Italy. This stone is especially good for wall and floor applications, benchtops, mosaics, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills and other design projects. Paglierino is a timeless, classic stone.

Bianco Navona

This striking Italian Travertine is light in colour and highly sought after due to its strength, adaptability and beauty. Bianco Navona is so popular that it is often the image that comes to mind when someone mentions Italian Travertine.

Alabastrino Italian Travertine

Considered the lightest of the Italian Travertines, Alabastrino is popular amongst Interior Designers due to its light-toned colouring. Unlike some of the other Travertines, Alabastrino Italian Travertine has a swirl like natural in its veining, giving it enticing and interesting to the eye. Since Alabastrino is light in colour and neutral, it pairs well with a large variety of other materials and looks.

Noce Italian Travertine

Noce is suitable for floors and walls for both internal and external use. Noce Travertine is a classic Roman Travertine that has been used in Italy as a building material since the Middle Ages and can still be seen today. Unlike other varieties, the density and lack of large cavities mean these particular Travertines are more durable and not subject to extreme deterioration. Noce Italian Travertine can be used in commercial, floor, and wall projects around Australia.

Titanium Italian Travertine

Although most Italian Travertine is brown cream or beige and colour, Titanium is one strain of Travertine that is in the grey/silver family. Titanium Travertine is a luxurious natural stone with a greyish brown base and mineral intrusions ranging in between light and dark tones with copper crystals randomly scattered over its surface. Titanium is available in a variety of finishes and is suitable for multiple applications. This Italian Travertine is elegant and brings a dark warmth into your space. Architects and Interior Designers utilize Titanium Travertine in both commercial and residential settings.

Striato Silver Italian Travertine

Striato is a classic Natural Stone Italian Travertine that is quarried out of Italy. It is a durable Italian Travertine that offers uniformity and high abrasion resistance. Striato Silver Travertine is vein cut and as the name suggests the stone features stripes throughout the tile. Striato Italian Travertine is available in various sizes.

Striato Silver Italian Travertine is versatile as it can be used for a number of applications, wall tiles, floor tiles and even wall cladding.

When honed, Striato features a slip rating of R10.


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