Noce Travertine

Noce is suitable for floors and walls for both internal and external use. Noce Travertine is a classic Roman Travertine that has been used in Italy as building material since the Middle Ages and can still be seen today. Unlike other varieties, the density and lack of large cavities mean these particular Travertines are more durable and not subject to extreme deterioration. Noce Travertine can be used in commercial, floor, and wall projects around Australia.

Why Noce Travertine is Quickly Regaining Popularity

Italian Travertine has been popular for decades, however different colours from different quarries fall in and out of fashion due to the current trend in the market.

1) Durability of Noce Travertine

Italian Travertine is extremely dense compared to travertines from other parts of the world. Noce Travertine is easy to clean, durable, and resistant to staining.

2) Availability of Cross Cut and Vein Cut Variations

Although most travertines come in a cross cut or vein cut variations, Noce Travertine has a special look in the vein cut look. If vein cut Noce Travertine is cut into thin, long planks, it gives the appearance of Timber. This is excellent if you are wanting the look of timber but the feel of natural stone. Timber can trap moisture, rot, invite termites, and more. Natural stone can save you from timber maintenance.

3) Slightly Lower Price Point

Whenever a marble, limestone or travertine stone goes out of style the price typically declines accordingly due to supply and demand. Noce Travertine sits at a much lower price point than Bianco Navona Travertine, not because of the quality or durability, but simply from the sought-after light look of the Navona.

4) Warmer Tones are Gaining Popularity

For the last 5-10 years cool tones have ruled the interior design world in Australia. Currently we are seeing warmer tones regain popularity in the market. Noce Travertine has warm earthy tones, making it elegant and a really good impression on guests.

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Cut-to-Size Format, Slabs, Tiles


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Cladding, Internal & External, Kitchen Benchtops, Stairs, Vanity Tops, Wall & Floor Tiles