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5 Massive Benefits Using a Resin-Based Grout

1) How does water interact with a resin-based grout?

The resin cement has a lower absorption rate than your everyday Portland cement based grouts.

Fugabella® Color achieves performance characteristics such as water repellence, very low water absorption, high surface hardness, high resistance to the most common acidic substances and total colour uniformity.

2) What is a resin-based grout resistant to?

Resina-cemento® (resin-based grout) is a technology formulated using a new mix of pure and natural binders hybridised with redispersible resin binders and additives of mainly natural origin, featuring a very low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, which is safe for people’s health and have a lower environmental impact.

More specifically it has been possible to achieve protection from the negative action of moulds and bacteria simply using natural bioactive substances with a permanent action, guaranteeing a more hygienic surface.

Kerakoll has made a totally green choice, refusing to use biocides that are suspected of causing cancer, highly dangerous for the environment and the health of persons, as shown by the indications of danger found on the safety sheets of products that contain them.
Thanks to cement-based renders, we have become accustomed to colours that fade over time due to the formation of whitish layers on the surface. The exclusive formula of Fugabella® Color with its total absence of impurities is the guarantee that no salts will be deposited on the surface of the joints, resulting in undesirable and unattractive defects.

3) Some grouts can allow efflorescence to form, how is Fugabella Color different?

Resina-cemento® technology is innovative because it does not contain the usual Portland cement, which has one endemic characteristic: Portlandite. A genuine disease of grouted joints which, due to the excess of lime that forms during hardening, results in frequent anti-aesthetic whitening of the joints.

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4) Are there any harmful chemicals in this resin-based grout?

Fugabella® Color is a bio-friendly, ecological product.

Regional Mineral ≥ 60%
Recycled Regional Mineral ≥ 30%
CO2 Emission ≤ 250 g/kg
VOC Low Emission Recyclable

5) What types of materials can you use a resin-based grout with? Is there any material you DON’T recommend using with Fugabella Color?

Don’t use it on joints more than 20mm in width.

Don’t use it on floors and walls where specific chemical resistances or absolutely no water absorption are required.

Don’t use it on elastic expansion joints.

Don’t use it on substrates which are highly deformable, not perfectly dry or subject to moisture rising.

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