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5 Reasons to Choose Ocean Limestone Tiles

Light grey limestone tiles are on trend due to the tranquil energy they bring to your space. One of our favorite recent projects with Ocean limestone tiles is our Balwyn project. These honed limestone tiles covered every inch of this striking home. Ocean limestone tiles have a fair amount of veining running through them; however, they tend to be fairly uniform in colour and don’t distract from your space.

Benefits of Ocean Limestone Tiles

  1. Ocean is a versatile material. Although it is a cool-toned material, it looks lovely with both warm and cool tones. We love the use of timber with our Ocean limestone tiles in this project. Both materials work well together and give the space a luxurious look and feel.
  2. Limestone is more consistent in pricing than marble. Some marbles can cost up for $5,000 per square meter OR MORE simply based on veining/look. Although there are higher quality limestones and lower quality limestones, the price only reflects this minimally.
  3. Most limestone tiles are quite dense and durable. Historic buildings are a testament to this materials strength and longevity. These famous buildings include: The Great Pyramid of Giza, The pentagon, Lincoln Memorial, Empire State Building, the Washington National Cathedral, etc. And who knows, if you construct your next home with Ocean limestone tiles – you may find your home on a list of famous buildings that use limestone as well.
  4. The most obvious reason of them all – Ocean limestone tiles are beautiful. Let’s be honest, when you are designing your home you design for functionality, but mainly for the look. Ocean gives a zen/clean look and feel to your home. Grey limestone is a cool, neutral, and balanced material. It is timeless and practical and seen as a conservative sophisticated colour scheme.
  5. One of our favorite reasons – Ocean limestone tiles are easy to clean and maintain. They usually only need a simple sweeping, and occasionally mopping with a specific natural stone cleaner.

Do you still need help deciding? Talk to someone from our friendly staff about our various limestone and natural stone offerings.

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