Bisazza Vintage Mosaic VN 25.77

Bisazza Vintage Mosaic VN 25.77 is retro-inspired black mosaic tiles that infuses spaces with captivating style and nostalgic charm. The tiles are square-shaped, measuring 25mm x 25mm each and are mounted on paper sheets for convenient installation. With deliberate imperfections such as uneven edges evoke a sense of history and character, reminiscent of classic retro designs.

The versatility of this collection allows it to be used for various applications, including indoor floors with light traffic, indoor walls, outdoor floors, outdoor walls, swimming pools, spas, and even showers. While the vintage mosaics are suitable for indoor floor areas with light traffic, their durability and water resistance make them an excellent choice for shower areas and wet environments.


25 x 25mm



Stone Type

Glass Mosaic

Tile Sheet

Paper Mounted