8 Stunning Arabescato Natural Stone Variations

Arabescato is a type of marble that originates from Italy. It is characterized by its beautiful white background and distinctive grey veining. Arabescato is a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor applications and it can be used in a variety of ways to create stunning visual effects.

How many types of Arabescato are there? 8

Extracted from the Italian quarries in the Tuscany region, Arabescato is marble of great distinction and value characterised by its very elegant and recognisable veining pattern. Arabescato marble is imported from Italy and has been used for construction and art for thousands of years. There are many different types of sub-varieties of Arabescato. The differences between the types are based almost entirely on looks. Some variations have more veining or are warmer toned than others.

In the Australian market, the most popular and common Arabescato variations are: Corchia, Cervaiole, and Vagli. Statuarietto and Bianco Carrara also have a similar look to the Arabescato family.

Arabescato is a durable marble which is excellent indoors but may also be used on external cladding.  With stronger veining this marble creates an eye-catching focal point when used on benchtops and vanities and is impressive in bathroom installations when paired with beautiful taps, mirrors and accessories.

Arabescato Marble Variations