Natural Stone Vanity & Basins

Elevate the vibe of your spaces by choosing a natural stone. RMS Natural Stone and Ceramics has been supplying beautiful natural stone for bathrooms all across Australia. 

For over 25 years, we have worked with top designers and architects nationwide, helping create award-winning projects for our clients. Whether redoing a small bathroom or building a big one, a natural stone vanity or basin is the perfect touch. RMS is known for offering high-quality stone basins that look amazing and last for years. 

Choose The Perfect Natural Stone For A Vanity Top  

Selecting a  stone for a vanity requires understanding beyond looks.  It’s essential to pick the right colour and gather accurate information to guarantee the stone initially looks good and performs well for years.

Whether you need uniquely shaped stones, standard tiles, mosaics, or slabs, RMS offers a diverse selection to cater to all your project needs. With different shapes and sizes available, RMS can also have custom stone bathroom vanity manufactured and imported in your choice of material for our clients. 

Calacatta Grigio Vanity
Arabescato Vagli Bathroom Vanity and Wall - RMS Marble


Marble, renowned for its timeless elegance, emanates a luxurious vibe with its smooth surface and intricate veining. Marble is quarried into blocks of stone, which are then cut to produce the format being used. 

A marble bathroom vanity features various colours and patterns, from the classic white Carrara to the dramatic Calacatta, making it a versatile alternative that can adapt to different styles. Its natural beauty makes it a coveted choice for vanity tops, adding sophistication and charm to any bathroom space.

Striato Travertine - RMS Natural Stone and Ceramics


A travertine stone vanity exudes a classic yet refined ambience characterised by its porous surface and natural, earthy tones. Its unique texture and veining variations lend an organic and inviting feel to vanity tops, creating a distinctive look reminiscent of ancient Roman baths.

Formed by mineral deposits in hot springs, it showcases warm colours such as beige, tan, and cream. Travertine has been found in many countries, but today architects and designers still seek the Italian Travertine for its superior strength and consistent colour.

Ledo Limestone Bathroom floor - RMS Marble


A Limestone vanity offers a soft and muted aesthetic, featuring gentle hues like beige, cream, and light greys. Formed from sedimentary materials, its subtle patterns and smooth surface provide a serene and calming ambience in bathroom spaces. Originating from marine environments, limestone vanity tops exude a tranquil and natural appeal.

Granite Tiles in the Home


Granite is one of the most popular stones for bench tops and vanities. Known for its robust nature and diverse colours, including blacks, whites, and earthy tones, granite brings a sense of strength and sophistication to granite vanity tops. Its polished finish highlights the stone’s unique patterns, adding a touch of opulence to the bathroom.

Granite, an igneous rock formed from cooled magma, exhibits unparalleled durability and resilience. RMS can advise on the Granites that have been used successfully over a long time and would make good options for your bathroom.

La Bella Dolomite Swatch - RMS Marble


With its blend of soft colours and unique patterns, Dolomite offers a refined yet durable option for vanity tops. Offering a mixture of whites, greys, and beige tones, dolomite’s resilience makes it ideal for daily use. Its elegant appearance creates spaces with a sense of understated luxury.

Black Q Quarzite Swatch - RMS Natural Stone and Ceramics


Quartzite, a metamorphic rock formed from sandstone, exhibits stunning colours and patterns, ranging from whites and greys to vibrant hues like blues, greens, or pinks. 

Quartzite is an ideal and versatile choice for both residential and commercial spaces. Its durability and striking appearance make it a popular choice for vanity tops, imparting strength and beauty to spaces.

Diane Grey Vanity - RMS Marble

Di Gre 

Di Gre stone, featuring a harmonious blend of unique earthy tones and captivating textures, offers a versatile and distinctive option for vanity tops.  Its palette, typically beige, taupe, and brown shades, create a warm and inviting ambience, adding natural elegance to bathroom decor. Di Gre stone originates from various regions and showcases unique characteristics, creating a stylish, personalised stone choice.

Marble Basins, Elegance Redefined.

Take your bathroom space to the next level with a marble basin sink. Among the popular choices, Carrara marble’s soft, white background with delicate veining exudes a classic charm, while Calacatta marble’s bolder, more pronounced veining offers a dramatic and opulent touch. New York marble’s blend of warm tones and unique patterns brings a contemporary yet refined vibe to bathroom decor. These varieties represent a fraction of the diverse range of marble options available. 

Marble bathroom basins can cater to diverse aesthetic preferences and design aspirations. Each has its own beauty and sophistication, from traditional to modern styles, redefining elegance in bathroom design.

Simba Vanity

Why Choose A Natural Stone For Vanity And Basins?

  • Timeless Elegance: Natural stone brings timeless beauty and sophistication to vanity and basins, enhancing the aesthetic of any bathroom space.
  • Durability: Renowned for its durability, natural stone ensures long-lasting performance, resisting wear and maintaining its appeal for years.
  • Unique Patterns: Each piece of natural stone has unique patterns and variations, adding a distinctive touch to the bathroom decor.
  • Versatility: Natural stone offers versatility in design, allowing for various shapes, sizes, and finishes, enabling customisation to match diverse styles and preferences.
  • Increased Home Value: Incorporating natural stone in vanity and basins can elevate the value of a home due to its luxurious look and enduring quality.

Elevate Your Spaces with RMS Marble

Invest in a natural stone top bathroom vanity and basin and take your spaces to a new level of elegance and sophistication.  

Enhance your home spaces with the beauty and character of natural stones. Let RMS Marble be your partner in finding the correct stone for you. Our range of materials allows you to craft a bathroom space that perfectly suits your style and needs.

Are you ready to elevate your space with a natural stone? Contact us today, and let’s bring your vision to life.