Natural Stone Floor Tiles


Looking to create a dreamy floor space indoors or outdoors? Our collection of natural stone slabs and tiles provides you with a range of beautiful options for natural stone floors that will instantly transform your home or business. At RMS Marble, we’re dedicated to helping our clients bring to life their dream interior designs with the power of strong, durable and sophisticated natural stone.

Our Collection of Natural Stone Tiles and Slabs for Flooring

Find a wide range of stone floor tile options to complete the feeling of elegant interiors in our collection of marble, limestone, granite, basalt, slate and engineered stone. Explore breathtaking choices today to create your own unique and bespoke floor space.

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Marble Floors

Marble floors are iconic. Once the choice of ancient Greek and Roman emperors, marble is famous for its timeless beauty, durability and versatility. Choose marble floor tiles if you are looking to make an airy, modern and regal statement. Marble floors are most recognisable in a curds-in-cream appearance or striking grey veins on white. However, with all the minerals in the earth, it offers an exceptionally dynamic range, so you’re not limited to these colours either.

Find marble tiles in light, medium or dark designs and in different colours like white, cream, grey, brown, gold, red, purple, and green. 

Marble tiles are great in a bathroom, kitchen, or living room or polished for a statement hotel lobby. 

RMS Marble Ledo Limestone Floor

Limestone Floors

Limestone is a durable and often light-coloured option for natural stone floors. Limestone floors have a unique aesthetic defined by the marine life in the salt or freshwater beds in which the stone is formed in. As it can be quite porous, limestone tiles might require certain adhesives or sealers depending on the individual properties and finish. 

Limestone tile floors come in an array of beautifully timeless designs in grey, beige, and cream, as well as darker charcoals. If you’re looking to create a bathroom or kitchen with limestone, using the same type of stone for your countertops and splashback for your floors will create an elegant, homogenous appearance.

Bianco Navona Travertine Flooring RMS Marble

Travertine Floors

Many homeowners are quickly falling in love with the beauty, versatility and strength of travertine tiles. Travertine tiles offer an exquisite stone for flooring with a hardiness that allows you to employ the same stone indoors and outside. Travertine tiles are an alterative to marble, granite and limestone, but they should not be underestimated for their beauty or the elegance that they imbue into a space.

You can find travertine tiles in a range of colours in cream, grey, or brown, and in patterns both bold and subtle.


Granite, Basalt and Slate Flooring

These igneous rocks make for beautiful light grey to magnificent dark lustrous flooring. Granite is renowned in the kitchen, and what could be more elegant than matching a granite kitchen countertop with granite flooring? RMS Marble offers a wide range of granite tiles with designs that imitate marble and others that bear their own unique characteristics. One of our favourites is the Black Galaxy Granite, which will bring a twinkling starry night sky look to your floor space.

Tips to Choose the Right Stone Floor


Just because you desire natural stone for your flooring doesn’t mean you need to limit your interior design palette. Dark or light, neutrals or rich jewelled-toned colours. Natural stone flooring gives you a range of options. Through the endless mixes and densities of minerals present in the earth, every type of natural stone also has its own unique shades and colouring, textures and patterns. So you are really not limited, no matter whether you have a preference for a certain stone species, colour or look. If you already have an idea of an aesthetic, our sales staff will also be able to assist you over the phone or at a visit to our showroom.


Vanguard Rust Floor 2


It’s always important to know your budget when you’re shopping for natural stone. If you are working on a tighter budget, natural stone tiles are cheaper than slabs. Travertine tiles will also offer a more affordable option over some marble, limestone and granites.


After your natural stone floor is correctly sealed, maintenance should be easy for almost any species of natural stone. It’s important to remove any liquid or marks that stain promptly and to use gentle cleaning products that are designed for natural stone. We will assist you in understanding what products and techniques you will need to best keep your natural stone floor beautiful and clean. 


Some natural stone species and finishes may be better suited than others, depending on the type of environment of your floor space. Heavy foot traffic will demand a natural stone with a high tensile strength and resistance to scratches


The size of the tiles can also go a long way to transforming the look of how spacious a room is or fulfilling the type of aesthetic you’re looking to achieve. Square-cut natural stone tiles can create a contemporary look. While herringbone or chevron mosaic tiles bring a modern aesthetic with more dynamic movement and interest that helps create the illusion of more space. If you’re hoping for a more traditional appearance, rectangle tiles can also do the job of creating a farmhouse look.

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