Natural Stone Kitchen Benchtops

Kitchen Benchtops

There’s nothing that quite kicks off a dinner party than a bespoke stone kitchen benchtop. Natural stone offers strength, durability and a unique, timeless beauty, which makes it an excellent option for your kitchen bench top. Explore our collection to find the perfect natural stone slabs to create your own stone bench top, that exudes your personal style.

What to look for in a stone kitchen benchtop

Searching for the perfect stone to create your stone kitchen benchtop? You can choose a natural stone slab to craft a benchtop or opt for an engineered stone designed to imitate the timeless beauty and strength of natural stone. 

Stone bench tops carry a lot of advantages as a kitchen work surface: they imbue your kitchen with elegance, strength, and durability. Each type of stone however has its own unique visual characteristics and resilience, so it’s important to understand these factors when shopping for a natural or engineered stone slab to ensure that it’s the right fit for your kitchen:

  • Colour and design
  • Strength
  • Stain, scratch and heat resistance
  • Porous or non-porous
  • Finish
  • Cost
  • Care and maintenance
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Mont Blanc Kitchen Island Bench - RMS Marble

Marble Benchtops

Marble brings a calming, sophisticated elegance to the kitchen. With proper care and maintenance a marble kitchen benchtop also creates a strong and durable kitchen work surface, and as a cool stone it doesn’t retain heat. A marble floating kitchen island brings an ultra modern aesthetic to easily elevate any kitchen. 

Marble offers an excellent option for a white, grey or black stone benchtop. You can also find beautifully striking marble slabs in gold, green, red and purple. 

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Granite Benchtops


Homeowners have long loved a granite kitchen benchtop, and for good reason. Granite offers a timeless appearance and easy maintenance with its strong resistance against scratches and stains. Granite also provides a versatile range of lighter and darker options in grey or black in our collection allowing you to select a stone slab that best suits your personal style. A granite benchtop works well as both your kitchen countertops or a statement kitchen island. If you’re looking to make a striking impression, opt for a bold vein pattern and match the same stone slab for your splashback.

In addition to granite, we also offer some similar options in our granite collection (slate and basalt).

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Limestone Benchtops

In a light creamy or stormy tones, limestone benchtops offer a soothing coastal appeal anywhere it is installed. Limestone benchtops have a versatile appeal that makes it great for a wide range of kitchen styles. Its naturally subtle or more pronounced patterns gives any contemporary, classic, traditional or modern kitchen unmistakable charm and character. 

Titanium Travertine Kitchen - RMS Natural Stone and Ceramics

Travertine Benchtops

Travertine is one of the natural stone options that magnificently encapsulates what people think of when they think of stone. Whether bold or subtle, its often most recognisable for its dynamic linear grains. Travertine also carries with it a high resistance to stains and may offer a more affordable option to other pricier stone. Travertine benchtops can be grey, beige, or silver. With it’s often lighter hues and abundance in texture, it’s very popular to pair a travertine kitchen benchtop with timber cupboards with a beautiful wooden grain. 

Imperial White Kitchen - RMS Natural Stone and Ceramics

Engineered Stone Benchtops

If you have decided your first option doesn’t fit within your budget, besides looking around at other collections, you may also decided upon engineered stone. Experience marble elegance and sophistication with Geoluxe

Its a Pyrolithic stone made from a mixture of mineral-based materials, that has been created to emulate the veins of marble. Geoluxe benchtops are also a great alternative to a quartz, as quartz benchtops have recently been identified as having a health risk to workers with the high amount of silica that is released in cutting. 

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