New Rosso Stack

New Rosso Stack Tiles are characterised by their soft and delicate pink hues, bringing a unique and refreshing element to your space. These finger tiles create a distinctive appearance that seamlessly combines contemporary aesthetics with subtle charm. With their charming colour palette, these tiles infuse warmth and sophistication into walls and surfaces. Whether you’re seeking a bold focal point or a harmonious backdrop, these tiles add a sense of grace and beauty.

Ideal for both residential and commercial environments, New Rosso Stack Tiles offer a versatile solution that can transform any area into a visually appealing space. The delicate pink shade can complement a wide range of color schemes and decor styles, making it easy to integrate these tiles into existing designs or to use them as the basis for a new project. Their robust construction ensures durability while their stylish design provides a lasting visual impact that enhances the appeal of any room.



Stone Type

Marble, Mosaics

Available In





Wall & Floor Tiles


Chip size 15 x 98 x 10mm
Sheet size 298 x 305 x 10mm